Woodland, an outdoor footwear brand, achieves 14X ROI from Netcore Cloud’s Personalization suite

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Increase in purchase rate on PLP
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Company: Woodland is a global brand of outdoor footwear known for its rugged and durable products.


Industry: Ecommerce

Location: India

Category: Personalized product recommendations, AI Engine- Raman

Solution Used: Netcore Personalization


  • Product Discovery Challenge: Availability of a wide range of products in their catalog made product discovery a challenge. 
  • Low customer engagement on the website:Low engagement on the website led to customers dropping off without purchasing products.
  • Lack of personalization:Unavailability of an AI-powered product recommendation engine made it difficult to showcase relevant products to customers.
  • Losing the interest of the customer:To avoid having the ‘one size fits all’ concept – the challenge was to curate a personalized experience by showing the right customer the right choices of products.

Netcore Cloud’s Strategy:

Netcore Cloud’s AI-led Customer Engagement and Personalization solution helped ‘Woodland’ by:

  • Deploying our AI engine, Raman and Neural Networks: To understand customers in real-time and show them personalized product recommendations based on what is most likely to be bought
  • Designing and deploying personalized widgets: AI-led personalized product recommendation widgets were deployed across the customer journey including Product Listing Page, Product Display Page, Personalized Product Boutique, and Exit Intent Pop-up

Deploying exit intent popups to improve customer engagement:To ensure customers on the verge of exiting the website also remain engaged. Personalized recommendations were sent in the form of exit-intent popups

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