Spencer’s Retail

How Netcore's Advanced Personalisation Solution Helped Spencer's Retail Increase Website Conversions by 7%

Key results
16x Increase
Increase in ROI
34% Increase
Rise in incremental views
20% Increase
Uplift in incremental conversions
Spencer’s Retail is an Indian chain of retail stores headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal having presence in over 35 cities in India. Spencer’s is based on the ‘Food First’ Format. Many outlets though sport multiple formats for retailing food, apparel, fashion, electronics, lifestyle products, music and books.
Personalized product recommendations
Solution Used:
Netcore personalization


  • Inability to convert website visitors into purchasing customers despite high traffic
  • Lack of predictive recommendations based on historical and real-time customer behavior
  • Inability to shorten the path to conversion – to move customers from search to purchase

Netcore’s Strategy

Smartech’s AI-powered personalization and recommendation solution allowed Spencer’s Retail to:

  • Lay the foundation for 1:1 personalization using the clickstream data and current context of every website visitor
  • Direct traffic to customized “Picked Just for You” landing pages that showed personalized product recommendations via banners on the Home Page
  • Further hyper-personalize product recommendations, through a widget on the main product page, based on recent customer behavior
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