Polaris Bank increases clicks by 10% and decreases unsubscribes by 20% using Netcore’s AI-driven email marketing platform

Polaris Bank increases clicks by 10% and decreases unsubscribes by 20% using Netcore’s AI-driven email marketing platform

Key Results
Increase in opens
Increase in clicks
10% decrease
Decrease in bounces
20% decrease
Decrease in unsubscribes


Established by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in 2018, Polaris Bank offers commercial banking services in Nigeria. With over 224 branches, the Bank leverages state-of-the-art Information Communication Technology (ICT) to maintain a pivotal role in the country by focusing on ICT solutions across multiple products and service delivery channels (mobile banking, ATMs, POS, and online platforms).

Industry: Banking

Location: Nigeria

Category: Email

Solution: AI-powered Email Marketing, Segmentation, Personalization, Sender Reputation Management, Spam Detection Tools


Polaris Bank wanted to make its email marketing practices more effective in delivering exceptional customer experiences. It also needed a powerful email marketing platform to widen product promotion to new customers and enhance retention of existing customers.

Primary challenges:

  • Adopt industry best practices in email campaigns
  • Improve the promotion of products/services
  • Retain customers and reduce unsubscribes
  • Enhance target audience segmentation
  • Mitigate regulatory risks to the maximum
  • Increase positive brand perception among the audience



Netcore’s AI-powered personalization, automation, analytics, and scalability capabilities helped Polaris Bank meet its goals of improving communication and boosting customer engagement.

Segmentation Tools

Polaris Bank leveraged Netcore’s segmentation tools to categorize customers based on behaviors and demographics. Data-driven insights about email subscribers led to superior targeting with intelligent segmentation, enhancing engagement.

Personalized Emails

Netcore helped Polaris Bank achieve personalization in their emails through dynamic content capabilities and messages tailored to individual preferences. The bank harnessed Netcore’s AI-powered marketing automation to streamline workflows, ensuring timely and consistent email communication to optimize customer retention.

Sender Reputation Management and Spam Detection Tools

Polaris Bank leveraged Netcore’s sender reputation management and spam detection tools to improve email inboxing rates. Netcore’s analytics enabled the bank to track customer interactions, derive insights, and fine-tune strategies for optimal results.

Netcore offered a more capable email marketing platform that enhanced Polaris Bank’s email content and strategy while ensuring strict compliance with email marketing regulations. Through strategic planning and using Netcore’s technology, Polaris Bank successfully transformed its customer communication approach and sharpened its competitive edge in the banking industry.

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