Music Xray

Music Xray increased its revenue by 50% with Netcore's email marketing

Key Results
Average open rate
Click-to-Open Rate
Increase in email revenue



Music Xray is a music tech company based in New York City. The company’s official name is Platinum Blue Music Intelligence Inc but it began operating under the name “Music Xray” in July 2009.
Music technology
New York City.
Email Listing, IP address warmup, CRED Consulting
Solution Used:
Netcore Email Delivery


  • Music Xray wished to broaden its global reach to include a larger number of musicians.
  • They discovered that their ESP was not sufficiently invested in their partnership to assist them in reaching their ultimate goal.
  • Their email engagement was low in comparison to industry standards, and their revenue targets were being missed.

Netcore’s Strategy:

  • The results were incredible, with revenue from their email program contributing significantly to their bottom line.
  • In terms of metrics, they had already outperformed themselves in terms of open and click-through rates.
  • The turnaround time was incredible! Their member groups’ email engagement was at an all-time high, and they had broken company revenue records for website purchases! All of this was possible because of our 24-hour support and dedicated service.
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