Netcore’s email marketing skyrockets Mamaearth's engagement with 90% primary inbox deliverability

Key Results
Uplift in Open Rates
Improvement in Click Rates
Primary Inbox Deliverability
Mamaearth, a Direct-to-consumer personal care brand, founded in 2016 claims to be Asia’s first Made-safe certified brand that offers 100 percent toxin-free and natural skincare, hair care, and baby care products and as of 2021, it’s been valued at $350-400 million.
Personal products
Solution Used:
AI-powered email delivery, Analyzing email content, A/B testing, and in-depth data analysis


  • Mamaearth’s strategy was focused on retaining existing customers; however, the current transactors were showing low engagement
  • List segmentation was being done only at a broad level – active and dormant
  • While the ‘30 days active’ were responding to campaigns, other past transactors showed very limited engagement
  • The ‘past 90 days’ segment was not targeted at all in the main sales campaign
  • Deliverability expertise was lacking in the creation and execution of the campaigns
  • With the messaging not being on point, only about 10% of the emails were landing in the customers’ primary inbox


The Netcore experts team helped turnaround Mamaearth’s email campaign performance by:

  • Deep-diving into past campaigns to develop an effective strategy to enhance inboxing
  • Studying customer content preferences and behavior to improve engagement and conversion
  • Revamping creative templates and A/B testing to help improve the primary placement
  • Analyzing email content and subject lines to improve first touchpoint to maximize engagement
  • Studying user behavior RFM and gaining insights to implement content enhancements
  • Testing image vs. text effectiveness for arriving at the right mix in email communications
  • Using click maps to understand and recommend user preferences for subject lines and content
  • Making insights-based recommendations for products and content customers liked to receive
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