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Diamond Candles increase its revenue by 100% with Netcore partnership

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Diamond candles is an online shop for selling fragrant candles. It is based in Durham, North Carolina. From discovering a beautiful ring in a Ring Candle to exploring new fragrances, their products are designed to create a Diamond Moment worth sharing with friends and family. All the candles are made in their own factory in North Carolina with the best ingredients.
Candle Industry
North America
Email Deliverability, Email Strategy Consultancy, Sender reputation
Solution Used:
Netcore Email Delivery



  • Their email program was facing major deliverability concerns and their overall inboxing rate was down for the past 6 months.
  • Almost 70% of the email list was receiving the email offers in spam and hence the revenue from online sales was dismal.
  • Their existing sending domain had email issues with no experts able to guide them.
  • The email sending volume of DC was growing at a faster rate and they needed a scalable platform that could cater to their needs.

Netcore’s Strategy

  • Once the targets were chalked out, our team was on hand to provide DC with every kind of support they required, to turn their email program into a success.
  • DC could use the expertise of our customer success management and deliverability teams right from marketing strategy consulting to troubleshooting deliverability issues and pro-actively fix them.
  • Their legacy sending domain had to be changed as it had acquired a lot of spam history over the months from Mailbox providers and thus required a new sending domain to start the program from scratch.

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