1mg achieves a jaw-dropping 300,000+ ebook downloads during the lockdown with Netcore’s AI-powered email delivery.

Key results
300,000+ Increase
eBook downloads
22% Increase
increase in reachability
95%+ Increase
Gmail inboxing rate
200% Increase
improvement in user engagement
Gurgaon based 1mg is an online pharmacy and healthcare platform that offers medicines, lab tests, and doctor consultations. HeathTech / MedTech / Healthcare
Email marketing automation
Solution Used:
Netcore Email, Customer Engagement

Campaign Objectives

There was a lot of misinformation circulating around when the pandemic was announced. 1mg wanted to take this opportunity to clear the air and offer the most accurate information to all its customer.

They had two objectives:

  • Send the eBooks to the maximum number of users possible
  • Maintain the domain and IP hygiene at a high reputation.


Netcore’s Strategy

We planned out the steps to achieve 1mg’s objectives in the shortest possible time.

  • Intelligent data segmentation was performed using based on user engagement
  • Used our AI-powered email delivery engine, Raman, to manage email sending based on recency of engagement
  • Dedicated support team members to answer 1mg’s queries quickly.

While working with the 1mg team, we helped deliver accurate medical information about COVID-19 to over 300,000+ users from their lists and observed a near 200% increase in user engagement!

To read more about the strategy, download the full case study report.

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