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EP #73: Customer engagement and retention lessons from Teji Mandi
We caught up with Shashank Ramugade, CMO of Teji Mandi to understand how th...
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Featured podcast
EP #60: Digital transformation lessons from Asia’s leading home furniture retail brand, Danube Home
We caught up with Mithil Ajmera, Head of Marketing- E-commerce at Danube Ho...
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18m 55s
EP #50: Scaling personalization-led e-commerce growth in the cosmetics space like India’s Purplle
To understand how Purplle scaled e-commerce growth in a competitive industr...
24m 20s
EP #49: Acing your personalization strategy like Vietnam’s largest marketplace, Cho Tot
To understand how e-commerce brands are delivering delightful data-driven c...
24m 10s
EP #48: Building a customer-focused personalization strategy like Asia’s Telecom leader, Globe Telecom
To understand how traditional, offline brands are adapting to change by mak...
Customer Engagement and Retention Lessons feature image
17m 14s
EP #47: Customer Engagement and Retention Lessons From India’s eCommerce leader, Fynd
To understand how Fynd aims to reach out to a wider user base by collaborat...
ep 14 visualizing economic feature
28m 30s
EP #14: Visualizing Economic Re-Growth Like the Salim Group through the Insurance Sector
We caught up with Reginald Hamdani, CEO of Jagadiri – and in-charge of al...
Adapting to Changes in User Behavior feature image
12m 53s
EP #13: Adapting to Changes in User Behavior Like Naluri in the HealthTech Space
We caught up with Azran Osran-Rani, the CEO and Co-founder of Malaysia’s ...
Acing FinTech Digital Strategy feature image
12m 53s
EP #12: Acing FinTech Digital Strategy Like IndoAlliz During COVID-19
To gain a deeper insight into how the Fintech sector in emerging markets is...
podcast marketing playbook
23m 04s
EP #11: Mark Baartse on Reimagining the Marketing Playbook in the COVID-19 Era
We recently had an interesting chat with Mark Baartse, a leading data-drive...
Harnessing Martech in the Insurance Sector feature image
24m 54s
EP #10: Harnessing Martech in the Insurance Sector Like Jagadiri During COVID-19
During the current lockdown, we caught up Yuda Wirawan, CMO at PT. Central ...
speakers storehub during the covid 19 crisis 2
23m 35s
EP #9: Re-aligning Your Growth Mindset Like StoreHub During the COVID-19 Crisis
During this lockdown while all of us are working from home, we caught up wi...
ai led content recommendations podcast
24m 57s
EP #8: How Hungama Drives User Growth with AI-led Content Recommendations
We caught up with Siddhartha Roy, COO at one of India’s pioneering OTT pl...
omnichannel personalization feature image
25m 34s
EP #7: Overcoming Data Challenges to Fuel Omnichannel Personalization at Scale
We interviewed Namrata Balwani, a leading Martech Influencer, Marketing and...
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