Email 2.0

Introducing Email 2.0:
Making email cool again!

Email 2.0 shifts the inbox paradigm from delete to delight, creating a habit revolution that improves customer lifetime value, and increases your ROI.
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Email 2.0 has the power to deliver extraordinary customer experiences and exceptional business outcomes by driving engagement and reactivation.

The five innovations of Email 2.0 that convert the customer’s “delete” mindset into “delight.”

Hooked Score

Measures engagement intensity by going beyond opens, clicks, and CTRs. Creates a 30-day exponential moving average of email actions. Offers insights to design messaging strategies based on level of engagement.
Email 2.0 Hooked-Score
Email 2.0 AMP


Improves interactivity, engagement, and outcomes. Brings dynamic/live content and gamification to the inbox. The most efficient form of communication to collect zero-party data.


A refreshing combination of micro-content and stories that consumers look forward to receiving. Creates a daily habit through content that can be fully consumed in a matter of 15-30 seconds.
Email 2.0 Ems
Email 2.0 Automic-Rewards

Atomic Rewards

Innovative micro-incentives that enable marketers to nudge and direct customer behavior. Based on the groundbreaking concept of rewarding customer attention, upstream of transactions.


Aligned to key business metrics, Progency represents a paradigm shift in the landscape of professional services, serving as a trusted partner focused on achieving specific business outcomes on a performance basis.
Email 2.0 Progency
Email 2.0 makes the sent seen and the seen actioned, it is the future of profitable engagement with your customers.
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