Personalization Playbook: How Personalization Can Boost Your D2C Ecommerce Brand
Personalization Playbook

Personalization Playbook : How Personalization Can Boost Your D2C Ecommerce Brand

Why do you need this ebook?

D2C ecommerce is expected to generate $ 5.42 trillion in sales per year by the end of the year 2022. The future looks bright for D2C ecommerce brands that have decided to implement ecommerce personalization. While sales are booming for D2C brands, do you know that an overwhelming 91% of shoppers would abandon an online retailer over a poor shopping experience?

In the highly competitive scenario, ecommerce personalization and relevancy have been a priority for D2C ecommerce brands. Leading ecommerce marketers state that businesses cannot find a tactic more capable of winning consumers than personalization.

In this Ebook, you will learn :

  • Why D2C ecommerce is more important than ever 
  • Identify the data building blocks for personalization
  • The importance of omnichannel personalization in D2C ecommerce
  • Identify the metrics that matter most to your D2C marketing strategy

D2C brands need to tweak, replace and adopt strategies to cut past the ecommerce competition in 2022. To overcome the rising acquisition cost and high cart abandonment, plus falling engagement, product discovery, and retention, brands need to eliminate guesswork and leverage proven tools, intelligent marketing automation, analytics and AI. They need to focus on crafting 1:1 customer experiences with AI-led personalization to keep their carefully acquired customers coming back for more.
Again and again !

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