CMO Insider Edition: Global Email Trends Report 2021
CMO Insider Edition

CMO Insider Edition: Global Email Trends Report 2021

Why do you need this ebook?

With the uncertain and disruptive events of 2020, marketers move forward in the era of the ‘new normal’. The social and economic challenges of the last year will continue and need to be mitigated by the marketing leadership. These new challenges inspired us to offer this valuable report for global marketing leaders.

This report is a result of a Netcore survey done with 200+ marketing leaders from the US, Europe, South East Asia, and India.
This report highlights the following from a marketing leaders’ perspective:

  • The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on their budgets and strategies for this year.
  • Their expectations from spending, hiring policies, and other priorities. 
  • Predictions on email trends and technologies that they are willing to invest in. 
  • Top KPIs they will track to ensure success for their email programs. 

Thus, we bring to you “CMO Insider Edition: Global Email Trends Report 2021”. This report decodes the email shifts that will impact marketing strategies and presents executable pathways for marketing leaders to stay ahead of the curve in 2021 and beyond. 

In this report you will learn:

  • Will marketing spend increase this year as compared to 2020?
  • Will AI/ML technologies become central to every email marketing strategy?
  • Which platforms/technologies are most favored by marketing leaders for achieving their KPIs?
  • How well do the marketing leaders know their platforms?

    The Global email trends report will answer all the above questions and many more. If you are a marketing leader then predicting the future is more challenging than ever. This report presents research, analysis, and trends impacting your customer behavior. Practical recommendations from this report will help align your marketing objectives to your email strategy and achieve successful business outcomes.  
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