Global Email Trends Report 2020

Global Email Trends Report 2020

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In this Report :

  • Global Email Trends Set to Bridge The Big Email Gap Between Consumers and Brands
  • Three Major Themes Discovered In The Email Trends Research
  • What Experts Predict About Email Industry in 2020
  • Takeaways on Email Engagement and Deliverability in 2020

As a marketeer and leader, you would be keen on chalking an email marketing strategy for 2020. But building one might need more research, analysis, and prediction considering the myriad trends impacting and challenging customer’s behavior from time to time.

Thus, we bring you “GLOBAL EMAIL TRENDS REPORT 2020” – is an assemblage of rich with insights from Netcore’s inhouse research, expert observations, and independent studies – so you can align your email program to meet consumer expectations better.

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