Feature Adoption 101: The Product Manager’s Guide
Feature Adoption: The Product Manager's Guide

Feature Adoption 101: The Product Manager's Guide

Why do you need this ebook?

You’ve spent months working on building an app, followed by long and tedious hours of coding, development, and design to release a new feature. But what good are those features if your users aren’t using them or aren’t even aware of the full capability of these features? 

Users tend to stick to your app when they get more and more value from its features and that’s what takes them closer to their ‘aha moment.’ Everything you need to know about feature adoption is right here. Take the first step towards delivering compelling app user experiences. 

This ebook dives deep into feature adoption, sharing some actionable insights for product managers on: 

  • Why feature adoption matters
  • Understanding the user journey through the feature adoption funnel 
  • Deploying contextual nudges, walkthroughs and more to drive feature adoption 
  • Measuring the success of feature adoption strategies by tracking key metrics like app user engagement, retention rate and other key metrics that matter most to your brand 


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