Netcore Cloud Announces New Data Center in the Middle East
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Simone Pious
Simone Pious

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Netcore Cloud Announces New Data Center in the Middle East

Published : May 15, 2024

Over the last decade, with a strong focus on customer acquisition and growth, we have made significant strides in the Middle East. Our efforts have contributed to the profitable growth of brands across banking, fintech, retail, and ecommerce, establishing us as leaders in customer engagement solutions.

We are thrilled to announce that we are expanding our investment in this vital region by establishing a new data center within the next six months. This initiative underscores our commitment to exceptional service quality and adherence to the highest standards of data privacy and security.

As data sovereignty regulations become increasingly stringent, both our local and international clients will benefit from the reassurance that their data is securely managed within the region. This expansion will not only improve our service reliability but also substantially decrease data latency for all our customers in the Middle East.

Kuldeep Sengar, our Group Chief Technology Officer, who is spearheading this initiative, remarked, “Our new data center is a strategic investment that reinforces our dedication to data residency and security best practices in the Middle East. By providing localized data storage and processing capabilities, we aim to empower our clients to control their sensitive information fully, ensuring compliance with regional regulations and enhancing data sovereignty.”

The new data center will enable a diverse range of businesses—from emerging startups to well-established enterprises—to utilize Netcore Cloud’s extensive suite of messaging and analytics tools. This launch positions us at the cutting edge of data security and customer experience innovation in the region.

We already have compelling success stories from several Middle Eastern brands, including Life Pharmacy, Gulf News, R&B Fashion, Danube Homes, Zenith Bank, UBA, Opay, Konga, Planet Fitness, Bogart, and JamboShop. As global data privacy regulations tighten, it becomes imperative for brands, particularly those in highly regulated industries, to implement local data centers. This ensures that consumer data remains within national borders. With Netcore’s platform, companies in these regions can confidently leverage its capabilities, scaling their operations and adapting seamlessly to evolving data compliance demands.

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Written By: Simone Pious