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Product-Led Growth Playbook: Strategy, Metrics & Examples
The product-led growth playbook helps you understand and implement a produc...
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8 min read
Rethinking mobile app growth with a product-led approach
Here’s why and how mobile apps are driving long-term growth using a user-...
25 02 2022 feature
7 min read
Innovative App Retention Strategies Adopted by Leading Mobile App Brands
Learn how leading mobile apps like Dunzo, Unacademy, Dream11, Gojeck, Inter...
9 min read
Building Delightful App Experiences with a No-code Product Experience Platform
Create engaging product experiences and guide users to value with no coding...
4ways to b2c feature
5 min read
4 ways to create delightful B2C mobile app walkthroughs
Ideas for building contextual and interactive walkthroughs on your mobile a...
5 ways to make your next feature launch announcement images
7 min read
5 Ways to Make Your New App Feature Announcement Unmissable and Exciting
Explore 5 key ways, including the use of feature flags and A/B testing, to ...
In-app messaging vs nudges-feature image2
7 min read
In-app messaging vs nudges: A user experience perspective
Between in-app messaging and nudges, the latter is the clear choice for a b...
create unmatched customer experience feature image
5 min read
Create Unmatched Customer Experiences with Mobile App AB Testing
Understand the what, why and how of Mobile App A/B testing. Discover low co...
app onboarding feature 01
7 min read
9 ways to enhance product experience through app onboarding
Explore powerful ways to better your app’s product experience by implemen...
25 nudges & walkthroughs use cases feature image
5 min read
25 Use Cases for Walkthrough & Nudges in Healthcare and Fitness Apps to Enhance User Engagement and Retention
Drive feature adoption, user engagement, conversion, and retention for your...
Identify critical user activation activities.
7 min read
6 ways to drive product adoption for your B2C mobile app
Create contextual onboarding journeys, identify user activation points, imp...
10 strategies to improve mobile app user feature image
10 min read
8 actionable user retention strategies for digital products
These practical user retention strategies provide product managers with a g...
Driving User Retention and Acquisition through App Referrals
5 min read
Driving user retention and acquisition through app referrals
Think about the last time you downloaded an app. How did you discover it? P...
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