Diving Deep into Email Delivery: An Insider’s Perspective
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Chaitanya Chinta
Chaitanya Chinta

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Diving Deep into Email Delivery: An Insider’s Perspective

Published : August 23, 2023

In the vast landscape of email delivery, we at Netcore have carved a niche for ourselves. Delivering an astounding 300 billion emails a year, we’ve rightfully earned our place as a global frontrunner. But what sets us apart in this competitive space? Allow me to give you an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of our email engine.

The Delivery Engine

At the very core of email delivery lies the Mail Transfer Agent (MTA). A competent MTA isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity for ensuring timely and efficient email deliveries. But when you’re navigating the colossal scale of operations we handle at Netcore, standard MTAs just don’t cut it. We need an agile system, one that can adapt and optimize traffic flows, ensuring we maintain our top-tier delivery rates.

In our early days, we placed our trust in a modified version of Postfix, a renowned open-source MTA. While it served its purpose initially, our rapid ascent soon highlighted its limitations. To paint a clearer picture, consider a client’s email traffic skyrocketing from 10,000 to 10 million emails daily in a flash! Such meteoric growth phases tested the limits of the Postfix system.

Recognizing the need for evolution, we transitioned to a commercial MTA from an American enterprise, which later merged with a larger messaging conglomerate. This MTA stood by us during our crucial scaling phases. But as we extended our reach beyond India, even this robust system began to show its age.

This pivotal moment had us asking: should we craft our solution or seek external expertise?

The Birth of ‘Blaze MTA’

Equipped with a deep understanding of MTA intricacies and our unique demands, we decided to chart our course. The outcome was our very own ‘Blaze MTA,’ epitomizing the blazing-fast delivery we strive to offer our clients.

During this transformative phase, we reimagined email delivery. Rather than confining our focus to traditional areas like audience selection or content optimization, we innovated. By meticulously analyzing intricate delivery patterns, we realized the immense potential of real-time monitoring and optimization. Pairing this revelation with machine learning, we unlocked unparalleled insights into delivery nuances and challenges.

Our extensive research encompassed a myriad of use cases, from examining delivery speeds to understanding real-time throttle rules triggered by mailbox providers. The culmination of these efforts was a revolutionary optimization layer, ensuring every email dispatched from our ecosystem achieved its maximum potential.

However, our journey wasn’t without hurdles. Our intelligence layer was consistently outperforming, showcasing its robust capabilities to deliver faster and inbox better. Yet, our home-brewed Blaze MTA began to exhibit limitations as the demand surged. This juxtaposition led us to revisit the perennial ‘build or buy’ decision. This time, believing in the power of collaboration, we joined hands with a European ally to create a Netcore flavored MTA, finely tuned to our specific needs and aspirations.

Our Dual-Edged Sword

Today, we proudly stand behind our formidable MTA, designed to manage vast traffic volumes effortlessly. Its adaptability empowers our deliverability and product teams, enabling swift refinements and feature rollouts. Paired with our cutting-edge optimization layer, we believe we’ve set a new gold standard in the email delivery domain.

For those in search of a trusted partner in email delivery, our story at Netcore offers a compelling narrative. Our bespoke MTA, combined with state-of-the-art optimization techniques, guarantees not just delivery but optimized, high-impact email campaigns. When you choose Netcore, you’re not simply opting for an email service; you’re investing in a legacy marked by excellence and relentless innovation.

Place your trust in Netcore, and together, let’s elevate your email campaigns to unprecedented heights.

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Written By: Chaitanya Chinta