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Rishi Malhotra

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Simplified Product Discovery with Inbox Commerce | Netcore Cloud

Published : October 27, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of online shopping, the excitement of discovering new products has often been overshadowed by the frustrating limitations of traditional email marketing. We’ve all been there—the cluttered inboxes, the never-ending clicks, the maddening redirects—all while trying to accomplish the simplest task of finding your favorite products online. It’s been a roadblock, an inconvenience, and a persistent hindrance to the smooth flow of our online shopping experiences. Delve into the challenges of cluttered inboxes and frustrating redirects as we introduce groundbreaking product discovery methods designed to elevate your online shopping journey to new heights.

But what if we told you that a game-changing solution is on the horizon, a fresh approach poised to rewrite the script of these shopping inconveniences? Enter the era of Inbox Commerce—an innovative concept that promises not only to transform how we shop but also how we engage with our email inboxes.

Imagine receiving an email from your favourite online store, one that doesn’t require you to jump through hoops or navigate a maze of redirects just to explore its offerings. Instead, it offers a user-friendly embedded search bar or a stunning gallery of best-selling products that you can effortlessly scroll through and evaluate, all directly within the email itself. It’s a shopping experience that’s seamless, immersive, and utterly captivating.

In this blog, we’ll explore Inbox Commerce and how it can enhance your shopping experience. Join us as we delve into this retail innovation, where your inbox becomes a convenient shopping tool.

1. Embedded Product Galleries Powered by Accordions and Carousels

Picture this scenario:

You open an email, and what meets your eyes is a captivating array of products elegantly displayed right within your inbox. Inbox Commerce, like a digital magician, seamlessly weaves these product galleries into your email, creating a visually enchanting showcase of carefully curated items. What makes this really work is the fact that these products are ‘personalized’ for each user, adding an extra layer of ‘tailored appeal’ to the experience.

In essence, if shoppers are interested in sneakers, they will encounter a stylish presentation featuring the latest sneakers in their inbox. Conversely, if another person is inclined towards baseball caps, they will find baseball caps featured in their email. However, this is merely the initial level. Brands can further refine their product offerings using affinity capture techniques.

Marketers have the freedom to craft enticing descriptions and showcase a myriad of variations from their extensive catalogs—the possibilities are limitless.

With Accordions, you can expand and collapse product details right within the emails, providing a compact yet informative view. This means your customers can explore product specifications, reviews, and images without opening multiple tabs or leaving the email to visit the website.

Interactive accordions powered by Inbox Commerce

Carousels also let you scroll horizontally through a selection of products within the email itself. This visually engaging format lets you quickly browse various options. It makes it easier to discover hidden gems and irresistible deals.

Interactive carousels powered by Inbox Commerce

Gone are the days of the frustrating redirects from the email to your website. Instead, invite your shopper to simply scroll through a visual feast of images, accompanied by detailed descriptions and prices—all from the cozy confines of the email itself. This transformative feature elevates product discovery from being a mundane task to a visually engaging and utterly seamless experience – one that not only delights but also entices you to explore further.

Moreover, if you are a fashion brand –

Inside your email, curate gorgeous style inspiration guides. Showcase complete outfits and combine various products. Create a cohesive look. Provide ready-to-wear ensemble ideas. Ignite creativity and guide shopping choices.

Interactive carousels powered by Inbox Commerce

Want to know how Inbox Commerce enhances the shopping experience for apparel brands, read our comprehensive blog.

2. In-Email Search Bar

Regarding convenience and discovery, Inbox Commerce introduces a game-changing feature: the embedded search bar.

Imagine this scenario: You receive an email practically bursting with irresistible Black Friday deals. Your excitement builds as you spot a product you’ve been eyeing.

With Inbox Commerce, there’s no need to embark on the cumbersome journey of navigating external websites or constantly toggling between multiple browser tabs. Instead, within the confines of your email, you have a powerful ally—the in-email search bar. It’s your trusted tool for simplifying the entire search and checkout process.

In-mail search powered by Inbox Commerce

In mere seconds, you can type the name of the product you desire, and just like magic, it appears before your eyes, right there in the email. This feature is a lifesaver, especially during time-sensitive sales events like Black Friday, when every moment counts. It ensures your customers can swiftly locate and acquire the exact item you want without ever leaving the email environment. It’s the epitome of convenience, making your shopping experience not only efficient but also exhilarating, especially when the clock is ticking during those high-stakes sales events.

3. Interactive Email Triggers via Inbox Commerce

Creating meaningful connections with customers and boosting conversions often hinge on the strategic use of email triggers. Let’s delve into how a forward-thinking online retailer leverages these triggers to engage and delight customers.

Trigger 1: Cart Abandonment

Meet Sarah, a fashion enthusiast who frequently shops online for her wardrobe essentials. She visits the retailer’s website and adds a few chic dresses to her cart but leaves the site without completing her purchase.

A few hours after Sarah’s visit, the retailer’s system detects her abandoned cart and springs into action. An automated Inbox Commerce email is sent to gently reminding her of the stunning dresses she left behind. The email includes a visually appealing image of the abandoned dresses, along with recommendations that complement her selections.

Cart abandonment powered by Inbox Commerce

Sarah receives the Inbox Commerce email, which immediately captures her attention. She clicks on it and is redirected back to her cart, where the dresses wait for her to checkout.

Since the email is powered by cart management via Inbox Commerce, Sarah doesn’t need to navigate external pages to add the items to her cart. She feels like her shopping journey is personalized and hassle-free, and as a result, she proceeds to complete her purchase, delighted by the retailer’s thoughtful reminder.

Trigger 2: New Arrival

This retailer is known for staying ahead of fashion trends. They’ve just received a fresh shipment of the latest summer dresses, perfect for Sarah’s style. To ensure she’s always in the loop, they use a trigger to mail New Stock Alerts.

New arrival triggers powered by Inbox Commerce

Sarah had previously purchased a summer dress from this retailer, showcasing her affinity for this style. However, she hasn’t visited the website in a while. The ‘New Arrival’ mail triggers a revisit.

Trigger 3: Affinity-Based Merchandise Trigger

The retailer’s system identifies Sarah’s purchase history and her preference for summer dresses. They send her a personalized email featuring:

– A captivating image of the new summer dress collection.

– A subject line that reads, “Your Favorite Summer Dresses are back!”

– A tailored message highlighting their latest arrivals based on her past choices.

– Bundled recommendations via Inbox Commerce.

Affinity based merchandise triggers via Inbox Commerce

When Sarah opens the email, she’s thrilled to discover those new summer dresses that perfectly align with her style. She clicks on the email, explores the collection, and adds a couple of dresses to her cart. This trigger has successfully re-engaged her, reminding her of her love for this retailer’s offerings.

Trigger 4: Replenishment Reminder

The retailer knows that some items, like skincare products, need replenishing regularly. They use a Replenishment Reminder trigger to ensure their customers never run out of their favorite essentials.

Sarah has been using a particular brand of skincare products from the retailer for months, but her supply is running low.

The retailer’s system keeps track of Sarah’s purchase history, including the skincare products she uses. When her supply is estimated to run out soon, she receives a ‘Replenishment Reminder’ email featuring the products – a  scrub, and lotion that she generally buys in bulk.

Replenishment reminder email powered by Inbox Commerce

Upon receiving the email, Sarah appreciates the reminder and places an order for her skincare products. She is pleased with the retailer’s proactive approach to ensure she never runs out of her essentials.

In the use cases above, the retailer employs a range of email triggers powered by Inbox Commerce, to engage and delight their customers – to recover abandoned carts, notify them of new arrivals, or remind them to replenish their essentials. These triggers not only boost customer satisfaction but also contribute significantly to increased sales and brand loyalty.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Shopping Experience with Inbox Commerce

In a rapidly evolving world of ecommerce, shopping should be a delightful adventure, not a frustrating maze of clicks and redirects. Traditional email marketing has often left customers feeling overwhelmed, struggling to explore products they love. But there’s a revolution on the horizon, a transformative solution that promises to redefine the way we shop and engage with our email inboxes. It’s now the era of Inbox Commerce.

As we’ve seen in this blog, Inbox Commerce introduces features like embedded product galleries, in-email search bars, and delightful triggers, making product discovery effortless and engaging. It’s a breath of fresh air in the world of online shopping.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. To discover the full potential of Inbox Commerce and how it can revolutionize your shopping journey, download our comprehensive Inbox Commerce eBook now. It’s time to embrace a future where shopping is faster, smarter, and more personalized than ever before.

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Written By: Rishi Malhotra