Switching Email Service Providers

An effortless guide to switching Email Service Providers (ESP)
without hurting your inboxing!

Switching email providers is complicated and requires due diligence to be done from the brand side as well as the Email Service Provider. Plus, you have to keep your email inboxing intact. Email deliverability is such a crucial aspect to getting your emails read by your users.

But with the right approach to data migration, list hygiene, smooth warm-up practices, you would have a seamless transition to a new provider with top notch inboxing

If you are struggling with these questions-  

  • If your current email service provider is not giving you the ROI you expected? 
  • Are they not able to scale your email volumes to the entire mailing list? 
  • Are you a newcomer to this email marketing business and wish to choose an email provider?

Worry not as this guide has got you covered. 

You will learn-

  • Challenges and mistakes to avoid during the migration process.
  • Addressing the pain points of your past experience and not repeating them.
  • Why good list hygiene should be at the heart of your migration process?
  • How to get clarity on the long term email strategy with the new ESP?
  • How to ace the IP warm-up process after the switch?
  • How much time it takes to get through the migration process?