Vietjet Air achieves a 40X increase in email revenue and 120X ROI with Netcore’s web push notifications, automation, and AMP emails

Vietjet Air achieves a 40X increase in email revenue and 120X ROI with Netcore’s web push notifications, automation, and AMP emails

Key Results
Increase in email revenue
ROI within three months of deployment of browser push notification


Vietjet Air, an aviation trailblazer in Vietnam, boasts an expansive route network that spans not only domestic destinations but also connects to over 30 key regional centers across Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, China, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, and Cambodia.

This impressive expanse of operations has propelled Vietjet Air to the forefront of the industry, earning them a coveted spot among the ‘Top 500 Brands in Asia.’ Their commitment to excellence hasn’t gone unnoticed, as they’ve also been acclaimed with prestigious accolades such as ‘The Best Asian Low-Cost Carrier’ and the title of ‘The Most Favorite Carrier in Vietnam’, underscoring their monumental impact and widespread consumer appeal within the aviation sector.


Industry: Aviation industry

Location: Vietnam

Solution used: AMP Emails, Email automation, Web Push Notification


As millions of passengers choose Vietjet Air daily for their travel needs, the airline grapples with the daunting task of managing and interpreting vast quantities of data from various customer interactions. The ambition is to harness this information effectively, not only to quicken the ticketing process but also to enhance the overall customer journey significantly. A pivotal aspect of their strategic vision is to increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) by fostering robust loyalty and establishing enduring relationships with their clientele.

Primary challenges:

  • Significant challenges in enhancing customer engagement and refining the digital experience.
  • The struggle to maintain data hygiene and unification on a large scale, which was crucial for effective customer segmentation and personalized marketing.
  • The process of creating and distributing real-time ticket offers was inefficient and sluggish, hindering timely customer outreach and personalization.



Vietjet Air, in a strategic move to enhance data quality and customer engagement, partnered with AKA and Netcore. The collaboration focused on purifying the data ecosystem by discarding non-essential zero-party data and amalgamating customer information from various internal data repositories and their website into a centralized database.

Netcore’s expertise was pivotal in streamlining the process of generating ticket offers, leveraging zero- and first-party data more effectively to enhance customer interaction.

Furthering this partnership, Vietjet Air harnessed Netcore’s capabilities to implement cutting-edge web push notifications, automated messaging, and AMP emails enriched with dynamic elements such as countdown timers, videos, and carousels. This approach significantly increased user engagement and conversions. The deployment of highly tailored offers and incentives, delivered with near-instantaneous speed, translated into a more satisfying customer experience, propelling engagement levels and catalyzing sales growth.

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