Key Results
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Increase in total orders through newly registered users
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Increase in new signups with the help of Smart Web Messages


Company: Borosil is India’s leading consumer products brand and has been a leader in this space for a major part of its lifespan since its inception in 1962 


Industry: Ecommerce


Location: India


Category: Smart Web Messages, Smart Push Notifications, Customer Engagement 

Solution Used: Customer Engagement



  • High website visitors but low new signups: Converting the high traffic of website visitors to sign-ups proved to be a challenge which in turn affected customer retention
  • Less identified customers, which capped channel-wise reachability: Showing customers the right products, messages, offers, and engagements on the right channel proved to be a challenge. This made purchasing far more difficult for customers
  • Fewer customers converting post signups: Low user engagement on the website caused customers to leave the website without making a purchase. This resulted in lower conversion rates and revenues


Netcore Cloud’s Strategy:

Netcore’s AI-led Customer Engagement Platform helped Borosil to increase signups and customer reachability rates by implementing the following solutions:

  • Identify high-traffic pages: The goal was to strategically identify and leverage pages that get high-value traffic but low conversions for some reason. Borosil’s Home Page was identified in this case.
  • Identify ideal channels to convert traffic: In order to increase the signups on pages with high traffic, Smart Web Messages was deployed on the Home Page as an effective channel to nudge website visitors to sign-up.
  • Deploy Smart Web Message based on user behavior: To understand customers and show them real-time messages based on their behavior – Web Message nudge was deployed based on the average time a user spent on the website and dropped.
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