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mobile A/B testing

Test, measure & optimize user experience with low-code A/B testing framework at every stage of journey.. Quickly segment users in real-time using multivariate, variable-led approach.

segment-specific tests
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The perfect user experience does exist!

Winning experiences delivered

Do not flip the coin anymore. Make informed decisions on what works for your users, when, and how! Experiment with every element of your app right from the home screen to the payment gateway page to the color of a CTA
winning experiences Mobile A/B testing
Mobile A/B testing

Easy and fast testing of use cases across user journey

With flowchart-based A/B testing, every use case across a user's journey in the app can be mapped out and A/B tested with ease

Simultaneous testing of multiple feature components

With variable-led testing, enjoy extra flexibility to A/B test multiple components of a feature at the same time - reducing engineering involvement to a bare minimum

Platform agnostic A/B testing

With Netcore’s A/B testing, test client-side features on platforms such as Android/iOS/Web and API responses on backend servers such as Node JS/ Java

Integration with analytics providers

Prevent data spread across multiple platforms and cut costs. By integrating with the analytics provider of your choice, derive the most from your A/B testing data with advanced slicing and dicing

No-code test devices

Deploy specific variants on your production devices without engineering involvement

Segment-wise tests

Work no more in the cookie-cutter model. Each of your user segments deserves an experience, crafted just for them. Test for each individual segment and deliver the most impactful experiences
segment wise test

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