EP #71: Customer engagement and retention lessons to learn from N11.com

EP #71: Customer engagement and retention lessons to learn from N11.com

About this Podcast

The pandemic led to substantial changes in the eCommerce and retail industry and was a major reason why so many users shopped online. As more customers shift towards online shopping, the eCommerce market will grow at an exponential rate in the coming years. According to ecommerceDB, the Turkish eCommerce market contributed to the global growth rate of 26% in 2020, with a 43% increase. New markets are emerging, and established markets have the potential to grow even more.

To get a deep understanding of how eCommerce brands tackled pandemic-related challenges by building strong customers engagements, we caught up with Erim Ozer, Customer Growth Director at Turkey’s n11.com

n11.com is a leading Turkish based eCommerce platform that offers a wide range of apparel, electronics, and homeware products. Founded in 2012, it brings together thousands of brands and stores to millions of customers. n11.com is one of the most popular shopping websites in Turkey. 

Erim shared interesting insights on:

  • Changes observed in the Turkish retail and eCommerce markets due to the pandemic in terms of new customers and their purchase behavior
  • Changes that can be observed once the business gets back to normal
  • Changes in consumer behavior and their expectations post digitization
  • Key communication channels to attract and engage with customers
  • Challenges faced by brands in retaining existing customers and how they arrest churn
  • Major personalization trends and eCommerce innovations that are picking up steam in 2021

Learn how Turkish eCommerce brands leveraged the latest digital trends and technologies to achieve success in a highly competitive market.

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