EP #70: Leveraging digital technologies to successfully scale eCommerce growth in the new normal

About this Podcast

The last year and a half have seen a massive transformation in the retail and eCommerce landscape. eCommerce saw growth which would have taken a couple of years in just a couple of months. This presented great opportunities to brands that evolved rapidly by leveraging digital technologies to engage with their customers. Even traditional in-store brands evolved and got into the online space.  

To understand how global eCommerce brands have scaled rapidly in a constantly evolving retail world, we caught up with Chandan Mahajan, the Co-Founder and CGO of dotkonnekt. 

dotkonnekt is a management consulting firm which enables collaborative disruption and collective enrichment for progressive retailers, innovative start-ups & smart investors. 

Chandan shared interesting insights on: 

  1. How the global startup ecosystem is becoming a growth catalyst for eCommerce brands
  2. How brands are harnessing growth and delivering personalized experiences
  3. The emergence and growth of the D2C market and why it is such an attractive proposition in today’s world 
  4. The importance of building a unified customer view of each customer
  5. The most important metrics for eCommerce brands to benchmark against
  6. Importance of predicting customer churn and how brands can build loyal customers
  7. Future of retail and how brands should pivot strategies accordingly

Tune in to understand how global retail and eCommerce brands are growing rapidly by pivoting their strategies to address customer needs and requirements. 

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