EP #39: How Mapan (a GoJek company) Elevates App User Engagement By Boosting Push Notification Delivery Rates with Netcore’s Smart Push

EP #39: How Mapan (a GoJek company) Elevates App User Engagement By Boosting Push Notification Delivery Rates with Netcore’s Smart Push

About this Podcast

Bridging the gap between consumer demand and supply while uplifting standards of living, depends a lot on access to technology and the internet. And, Mapan, a GoJek company, has done just that since 2009 in Indonesia. Mapan focuses on providing a network of thousands of lower income communities with better access to valuable products and services using technology. We caught up with Astari Rosmalina, Head of Digital Marketing & Creative to understand how they’re able to increase app user engagement through cutting-edge mobile marketing. Astari highlights the following:

  • How Mapan serves the people of Indonesia
  • How Netcore’s industry-leading Smart Push technology has helped Mapan achieve push notification delivery rates of over 70%, and in turn uplifted user engagement
  • Actionable growth tips on digital and mobile marketing
  • Trends and technology that will shape the future of marketing

Tune in to learn how Mapan, a GoJek company, is turbocharging its mobile marketing strategy by increasing app push notification delivery rates!

Episode Transcripts

Pradeep(Host): Hello everybody. Welcome to another insightful episode of the MarTechno beat, an especially curated podcast series powered by Netcore’s Martech. Here is where you get cutting-edge insights from leading marketers and Martech influencers across growth, retention, and engagement. I’m your host Pradeep, I’m the head of customer success and joining me is your co-host, Kresentia Chelsea. Hi Chelsea.

Chelsea(Co-Host): Hello everyone. Good morning.

Pradeep: Today,  we have a very special guest Astari who is the head of digital marketing and creative at Gojk Mapan. Hello Astari.

Astari: Hello Pradeep, hello Chelsea. How are you all?

Pradeep: We are doing really very fine. Thank you for asking, it was really great to have you joining us today. So, to all the listens,  sharing a brief introduction about Mapan. Mapan is a Gojek company that focuses on providing a network with better access to valuable products and services using technology. Mapan has over 3 million members, 250,000 agents, and other than 15 Branch offices across Java and Bali. It’s a great company and wonderful to have you Astari today for the session. 

Chelsea: Hi Astari.

Astari: Hello..

Chelsea: Later, if I ask, I will ask in Indonesian, okay. So Mrs. Astari, maybe you can share it with the listeners who are here about being established and how the story goes about being a part of Gojek and what exactly is offered by Mapan so that all of us here know and know better so.

Astari: Mapan was founded in 2009 where it started its journey by becoming one of the top-up services operating on the islands of Java and Bali. Then in 2015, it launches a new breakthrough gathering to meet the needs of household products where the community is growing rapidly. Starting from 1000 members until then to 3,000,000 members as already mentioned. Well after the amendment this year we also then changed our business to be more relevant by providing basic needs for us. We provide serious services in the form of goods, we sell basic needs then also sell vegetables and fruits, and then also the credit, now we are a digital community-based multi-service application with a mission to increase access and income of the Indonesian people. We adapt to the current situation to go digital more because we have a commitment to empower the community, especially the middle to the lower class. Since 2017, we have joined as Gojek and from 2017 we were digital but in the current state of this pandemic, we are in front of ourselves.

Chelsea: How is the transition to working from home or for example halfway or still working in the office and also how is it now?

Astari: We have been like that since March 23. Unless there is a certain team needed in the office, such as but we are well-established, we have been blocking Telkom from March and will check the development of our work as well as support the government program and everything that reduces the risk of coronavirus itself so we really are good.

Chelsea: Also, be careful and stay vigilant.

Astari: Okay. Sure, Thank you.

Pradeep: Alright, wonderful. So, Astari, speaking of the power of user engagement of Mapan. Mapan has also been using Netcore for engaging with app users, So how important is app engagement for Mapan or any other brand in today’s digital era. 

Astari: I think, to get the customer to install it is just on one page, but the most important how to keep them more real by using frequently to establish a long-term relationship between us and also the users of ours. The long-term goal is to gain profit and also to build a network so the engagement between us and the customer is very important.

Pradeep: Understood. Absolutely understood Astari, so it’s all about you know, focusing on the right channel for the customer where the customer is and try to focus on again the business objectives and then you should be aligned and that’s it. So recently Astari, recently using netcore, Mapan has boosted their delivery rate of at push to all the more often users to 98%. Would you share a bit more on the importance of driving engagement by increasing the notification delivery rates?

Astari: That is interesting. Delivery rates will help us to know how many customers are still with us. And how many can still be reached within our networks and how we can maximize our efforts to connect with them. So it’s very important to know and to increase the notification directly.

Pradeep: Right, because it’s first important to reach out to them then only we can convey our message, and then that leads to further engagement perfectly. So Astari, how did you adopt automation in your customer journey and any tips also for our listeners today on the podcast on which customer touchpoints they should focus for automation?

Astari: Okay, so my Mapan shop is a social e-commerce application. So we build automation based on customer activities on those activities of learners and also social and how we can drive customer who active in social to start transaction and how those who are actively on e-commerce to share their experience on our timeline or social to encourage other to transact and how we can maintain our orders by helping and personalized journey. So in my opinion, what we should propose is the customer perspective and how we can connect them using the user guide that we already built on the apps. 

Pradeep: Understood Astari and here is that one should step into the customer’s shoes but where marketers had and then be able to link the customer touchpoints with the marketing’s cases. So just out of curiosity Astari, how do you utilize the social media in your app to boost customer engagement?

Astari:  So because we are all social commerce, we also have the social function inside the app, so we integrate other social media outside the apps to bring the traffic from outside of the apps and how to engage them inside. You see our social function, that’s how we can push customer engagement. We don’t talk separately between each social media and what we built inside the apps but there’s a connection between our own social function and social media that helps to boost engagement. For example, when we have the campaign to remind our customers that we usually have like kind of gathering but due to coronavirus, we cannot meet our customers directly. So we create a series of campaigns to remind them that using social media and they can post and participate inside the apps. We also notified through the notification feature and it increases the engagement in our apps.

Chelsea: Anyways Astari,  so we don’t just go through digital as usual, but also include existing social media and to our listeners, from the digital marketing and creative side, can you tell actually how do they have to see growth or gross in the world of digital marketing? So are there any matrices that really need and are important to pay attention to, so that it can be online and also the continuity to protect our customers? How to do the community in depth and expand to connect with clean matric.

Astari: The matrix is ​​the key to the diploid accessory of the digital strategy, so there are several matrices that we are always looking for, such as our social par and how to play in revenue. We always see yesterday’s buying transaction, so now we focus more effectively and actively in our system. It is important but we look more at how the trials are, how many are still active and from then on then, of the number of investments, read on, too. That is the Matrix that we always post monitoring every month. If we look at this, we are actually in a flow where there are customers who may be trying to follow but there are also those who want to be used as yesterday in terms of retention. There are challenges, for example, if you want to change the account so there is a sign that the Bible mic will change our business, which was established arisen from 2015. From 2015 at Cites to create a community and then in this year we stop first, the way we see customer needs, there is not that there always have to be products of goods that customer needs are no longer there, but the basic needs of those we want to fulfill. So the thing is we want to call the same then how do we do them with the service that called earlier and how to keep them excited about the products and services because we always try to connect with the wire, we are outside and inside the application by providing a service that is useful for them both in the pool or in social Like for example now Maybe they there is no need yet but How to keep excited about it. So they can still learn in the application to connect with other customers who are outside the city that is different from them. So for me, we always have to keep stepping and innovating to be communicated by the customer. Technology connects with royalties, especially during Covid. Whatever their efforts or loyalty towards us, we must still be able to recognize it like contacting us help for attention.

Chelsea: Thank you. This session was insightful apart from up and all our of our listeners like to them to help like to overcome the challenges, especially at this time as well.

Pradeep: So Astari, the marketer would have had a great expectation of how 2020 would be? You know for some it was a year of AI but then covid changed everything. So what are your thoughts on the future of marketing or what kind of Technology do you think will take an edge or create a buzz for digital marketers in 2021?

Astari: Okay, I think as for now we’re focusing more on how to replace physical interaction. So any technology that will help to get people to feel connected with other people and connected with a larger group, will be somehow beneficial for the marketer. As you mentioned we are also doing a video conference. It’s something that still will be a buzz even in the next year. 

Pradeep: Absolutely. So thank you so much Astari for your time on Martechno Beat podcast episodes and this session was really very insightful. Thank you very much Astatri.

Astari: Thank you.

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