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Actionable insights

One dashboard to check
what’s happening with your emails

From detailed logs to complete email analytics - everything available under one platform.

Access to 90-days of your transaction logs
You can filter by status, tags, or date and view the activity history for all messages sent to a specific email address.
Actionable Analytics
Tag-wise reports to dig deep
A tag makes it easy to differentiate between a “signup confirmation” or a “marketing newsletter” email. Once the emails are tagged, you will be able to measure the performance across the different categories of emails.
High-level reports leading to actionable analytics
While it is always good to track data at the most granular level, sometimes the high-level data tells a different story. This is exactly why we not only give you real-time access to email logs but built reports as well. For example, you can get the list of email addresses which has reached customer inbox in less than 5 seconds.
Subaccount management reports
If you are a pro user and looking to manage multiple accounts under one parent master account, then our subaccounts feature is for you. Both the master and its subaccounts can access detailed reports on delivery, opens, clicks, bounce, etc.
Our customers love actionable insights
Customer-centric companies of every size and industry rely on Netcore
Netcore’s support and dedication mainly with the recent “I Heart Beauty sale” which is one of the biggest sales in the year has been commendable.
Neha Malhan
Director Retention, Purplle
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The service level from the Netcore Email team is unprecedented for tech companies. It is apparent that they care about your success.
Chris Taft
Senior Director of Membership and Marketing, Pocket Testament League
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Netcore has been able to provide us with excellent customer service, re-marketing strategies, and targeting tools to ensure each customer receives a customized experience.
Nick Saliba
CEO, A1 Supplements
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I have never experienced such hands-on and value-driven service from any other ESP. They are more invested in making our program a success from the beginning to the end, you just don't get that from anyone else.
Josh Everett
V.P. Operations, Diamond Candles
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Metro, one of the leading retail brands in Indonesia leveraged user segmentation and optimized email content to improve engagement.
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1mg, India's best online pharmacy used AI-powered email delivery to manage email sending based on recency of engagement to boost conversions.
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