Artificial Intelligence in Email Marketing

Artificial Intelligence in Email Marketing

Why do you need this ebook?

The marketing side of the email industry was relatively slow to embrace machine learning and AI. Even today, a lot of companies want to leverage the hype of AI and ML, but a marketer needs to understand “How is this new technique improving my customer experience and ROI?” If the answer is not conclusive or results are not visibly different, then the solution is just hype with no value addition.

In this guide, you will understand 

  • What are AI, ML and its broader concepts?
  • Usage of AI and ML in email marketing.
  • How content selection, data segmentation and send time optimization affects email marketing.
  • Future AI/ML trends for email.
Why do you need this guide?
To boost up the engagement rates of your email campaigns.
To be aware of future trends to be expected in AI/ML.
Effectively integrate AI/ML into your campaigns.
This guide will help you amplify your view of email marketing above and beyond the usual tactics used by marketers.

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