Personalization Playbook: How to Keep Your News & Media Readers Hooked With Relevant Content Recommendations

Why do you need this ebook?

Facebook, is a competitor to news organizations and accounts for 20% of the internet time Americans spend on their mobile devices. Why? One major reason is that Facebook delivers a highly personalized news feed experience; news platforms are rarely able to!

Stop addressing your average “Joe-six-pack”! Leverage AI-led Omnichannel Personalization and build a new business model that identifies your readers as real unique people with their own tastes and preferences.

The times are changing and it demands you to recognize, acknowledge, and act upon it!

In this Ebook, you will learn:

  1. Learn how content personalization and 1:1 recommendations will help you increase your CTRs
  2. Understand key personalization use cases that can help you increase each reader’s content consumption
  3. Gain insights on the key metrics that content recommendations can impact on your website or mobile app
  4. Identify the best content personalization strategy that benefits your news and media business
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