Behavioral Analytics

Use behavioural analytics and stop guessworking
how your customer behave

Truly understand who your customers are, what they are doing, what they need, and what you need to do to engage, convert and retain them
Behavioral Analytics - Netcore Cloud
Benefit from actionable analytics -
reduce customer acquisition costs
Deliver personalized
customer experiences and campaigns
Identify points of friction or
drop-offs in the conversion funnel

Use insight-driven intelligence to connect the dots and read between the lines

Funnel analysis

Every mobile app user or website visitor navigates across your platform differently. Dive deeper into your conversion funnel - identify where your customers' drop-off, and discover real-time journey pain-points. With these insights - create real-time customer segments and target them with relevant messaging campaigns to arrest churn or uplift engagement
Funnel Analysis - Netcore Cloud
Cohort Analysis - Netcore Cloud

Cohort analysis

Compare groups of customers that exhibit similar behaviors - map their behavior over custom time periods to analyze how each cohort remains engaged, from the time of sign-up/registration. Use these insights to make UI/UX improvements or run targeted campaigns that boost engagement and retention

RFM analysis

Now easily create an automated behavioral segmentation flywheel - taking into account the Recency, Frequency, and Monetary value of your customers' purchase (or any other conversion event). Target your identified customer segments – ranging from stars and loyalists to at-risk and dormant – with customized multi-channel campaigns that justify your marketing spends
rfm Analysis - Netcore Cloud
User Path Analysis - Netcore Cloud

User path analysis

Visualize the most common conversion journeys across your website or mobile app. Zoom in to analyze how dynamic user segments progress between various conversion events and the time taken between each of these. Isolate points of friction causing drop-offs to improve your product experience and bring users back to your platform

Behavioral dashboard

Track key metrics like MAU, the average session count for different user types, across platforms, user segments, or for a specific app version you want - in a single click. Understand user behavior for specific events - like the most popular genre, most purchased products, etc. visually
Behavioral Dashboard - Netcore Cloud

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