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Increase engagement and retention on your app with hyper-contextual messages. Power your marketing strategy to reach the right users at the right time with our all-in-one mobile marketing solutions for every mobile app.
Orchestrate mobile journeys
across use cases
Wow users with rich media
message elements
Maximize DAUs - boost
delivery rates by 45%

Craft rich push notifications

Include images, GIFs, videos, carousels, or play audio and improve brand recall by showing a paused video or sending a preview of your new product offering. Include timer-based CTAs or ask for user ratings.
Craft rich push notifications
Hyper-personalized messages

Hyper-personalized messages

Send personalized campaigns at the most critical points in the mobile app journey. Customize any part of the message with information or activity from the user’s profile such as name, location, or product viewed.

Predict app churn

Predict the app users most likely to uninstall your app and prevent churn
through your targeted campaigns with a contextual re-engagement
campaign. Proactively prevent churn with notifications your users
are most likely to respond to.
Predict app churn
Contextual walkthrough and nudges

Contextual walkthrough and nudges

Improve app experiences and boost feature adoption by helping users contextually navigate across your product with walkthroughs and nudges—all without any developer effort.

Uplift delivery rates

Reach more users with smart push notifications that ensure delivery with a 4-stage surgical strike on critical delivery drains. Attract your user’s attention and get them back into your app. Send reminder notifications to keep users engaged.
Uplift delivery rates
AB and multivariate testing

A/B and multivariate testing

Try multiple copies, messages, and CTA variations along with the ability to use split delivery or send campaigns to an audience subset.

In-app messaging

Engage with users when they're active on your app. Send relevant and timely alerts, product recommendations, or discounts to increase user interest real time.
In-app messaging
Deep campaign reporting

Deep campaign reporting

Analyze your campaigns' deliveries, CTR, and goal conversions. Track campaign-specific goals including revenue along with daily, weekly and monthly trend reports for campaigns triggered via user actions.

Segment users from
Day 0 to Day n

Create multiple user segments based on behavior, preferences, and real-time attributes, to gauge the next best action and influence deeper app engagement.
Segment users from day0 to dayn
Capture user feedback with no code

Capture user feedback with
no-code survey templates

Capture contextual user feedback in real-time to receive actionable insights, understand user pulse at key moments and address concerns to keep users delighted.
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