A customer data platform designed to eliminate data silos

No more duplication or broken data. A single source of truth to drive better decisions.


Unified Customer View

Every interaction a customer has with your brand through the website, mobile apps, emails and every other channel you own, both offline and online is a goldmine of data. CDP stitches all these data points together to give you unified profile of every customer you’ve ever had.

Get all the data you need

Managing data is not a new thing for marketers. Capturing the right data is what matters. CDP captures customer attributes, behavioural data and transactional data and creates a meaning of all the data for effective marketing campaigns.

Fill the gap in existing solutions

The beauty of CDP lies in ingesting data from any format and converting it into behavioral insights. Stay updated by capturing data in real time to make more accurate decisions, again, all in real-time.

Delivering personalized experience

With CDP you can tap micro behavioral segments to deliver a personalized cross channel experience to every customer. Higher conversion rates, increasing revenues and loyalty of a huge customer base is what you get.

Our customers love CDP

CMOs, Growth Hacker, and PMs at customer-centric companies of every size and industry rely on Netcore.

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