The What, Why and How of Netcore’s Gen AI
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Juhi Nath
Juhi Nath

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The What, Why and How of Netcore’s Gen AI

Published : October 11, 2023

Unlock the future of marketing and product management with our revolutionary AI-powered Copilot. Powered by ChatGPT and Natural Language Processing (NLP), we Present Netcore AI. Its mission? To boost efficiency, marketing impact, and enhance overall effectiveness.

Imagine having an insightful partner seamlessly integrated into your daily tasks. Our Copilot doesn’t just assist—it empowers. From analyzing data and trends to crafting marketing campaigns, it provides real-time insights and data-driven recommendations, ensuring your decisions are optimized for success.

The Copilot learns and adapts to customer preferences, offering a personalized and tailored experience to every individual user.

Combined with our comprehensive suite of marketing solutions, Netcore AI elevates brands’ marketing game with enhanced effectiveness and maximized efficiency.

Now, let us delve deeper into how Netcore Cloud’s Gen AI capabilities– redefining creative processes and accelerating execution.

Ideation Unleashed:

Gen AI can turbocharge the journey from imagination to execution

The core challenge of modern marketing lies in creating content that resonates deeply with users. Netcore’s Generative AI has unlocked an entirely new dimension of creativity.

Powered by ChatGPT, Netcore’s Gen AI has redefined content creation based on Customer Intelligence, unique to every business. Combining relevant user intelligence with the conversational model accelerates the creative process. By analyzing customer data, this tool empowers marketers to gain deep insights into user interests.

The result? Recommendations and content that not only enhance user experiences but also boost conversion rates.

How does it work?

Always-On Customer Intelligence

Step 1: Always-On Customer Intelligence

Netcore Gen AI starts by conducting an in-depth Customer Data Analysis. Instead of offering run-of-the-mill prescriptions, Netcore’s Customer Intelligence is built on real-time user behavior and session-based activities, continually updating user attributes. This approach ensures that your brand can evolve alongside your customers.

Customer intelligence - Netcore Cloud

Step 2: Hyper-Personalized Campaigns & Content Personalization at Scale

The ever-evolving customer profiles serve as the foundation for crafting highly contextual marketing communication. Whether it’s email campaigns, product descriptions, App Push Notification campaigns, or in-app nudges, Netcore Gen AI utilizes the power of Customer Intelligence to deliver personalized content and relevant recommendations at scale.

Hyper-personalized campaigns & content personalization at scale - Netcore Cloud

Step 3: Refine Campaigns & Recommendations with Intelligent Feedback

Netcore AI uses campaign interactions to establish an effective feedback loop that maps out customer journeys. It identifies opportunities for more effective customer engagement by redefining campaigns and enriching them with the most relevant recommendations based on the changing user behavior across different touchpoints. Netcore Gen AI uses this data to update recommendations and campaigns in real-time, ensuring that your marketing efforts perfectly align with your audience’s preferences and actions.

Refine campaigns & recommendations with intelligent feedback - Netcore Cloud

What’s in it for Marketers?

Short answer: It allows you to work smarter, not harder…

Long answer: It Elevates Efficiency…

Netcore’s Customer Intelligence-driven content generator is nothing short of a game-changer. Whether it’s crafting contextual emails or in-app nudges, this tool creates customized messages that directly address users’ requirements within minutes!

What once took hours or days can now be achieved in a fraction of the time without compromising quality. The ability to identify the perfect opportunities for message delivery is like having a secret formula for maximizing effectiveness.

Optimize to Perfection:

Expedite your marketing workflows with Gen AI

In today’s fast-paced world, time is of the essence when banking on trends. From conception to creation and finally deployment, Netcore Cloud’s Gen AI has injected acceleration across the marketing processes. 

Marketers can target individuals with laser-sharp accuracy by automating user segmentation and creating precise cohorts. Be it the AI-powered recommendation engines that delve into user behavior and update attributes in real-time, paving the way for personalized recommendations or instant journey orchestration, Netcore Gen AI can do it lightspeed.

How does it work?

Step 1: Natural Language-based Insight Generation

With an intuitive Chat UI assistant, Netcore Gen AI lets you effortlessly generate actionable insights using natural language queries. These insights go far beyond just campaign data; they encompass user and event insights, such as transactional behaviors, product performance analytics, catalog insights, and as a result, provide actionable contextual alerts.

Language-based insight generation - Netcore Cloud

Step 2: Data Enrichment for Catalog Updates

Let Netcore’s AI Copilot transform raw catalog data into dynamic product content. Further streamline your data from multiple sources like different ERP, Point of Sale and multiple e-storefronts in any format to create a unified view of your product catalog complete with timely updates.

Step 3: Query prompts to build Journeys

By leveraging the extensive insights, Netcore’s Gen AI seamlessly facilitates journey orchestration, enabling the rapid creation and deployment of personalized user journeys using simple queries.

Build customer journey - Netcore Cloud

Step 4: Advanced Segmentation with Predictive Insights

To further refine your segments, Netcore’s Gen AI allows you to create complex segments based on predicted user behavior. This is made even more accessible through natural language queries supported by Raman’s Chat UI assistant.

Segmentation with predictive insights - Netcore Cloud

Step 5: Elevating Product Discovery with Image Recognition & Visual Search

While Visual Search enhances product discovery, Netcore AI takes it to the next level by infusing it with contextual cues. This ensures that every shopper discovers products that are tailored to their individual preferences.

Step 6: Search Simplified

Netcore’s AI search model does it all. From conversational search assistant that allows customers to have human-like dialogue to displaying only the most accurate results. How? A combination of Vector Search, Name Identity Recognition, and Dimension Search. No matter the query: semantic differences, long and complex requests, misspellings, or even specific dimensions or values that customers are looking for, Netcore’s AI-powered search will give only the most relevant search results while eliminating ‘zero result pages’ entirely.

What’s the payoff for marketers?

A campaign is as effective as it’s timing. In the hyper-competitive market, the first one to make waves gets the attention. That’s why Netcore’s Gen AI has redefined effectiveness.

Netcore’s Generative AI excels in transforming strategies into tangible results by mapping customer journeys, much like a GPS for engagement. Pain points become opportunities, and customer behaviors shape refined strategies.

It’s not just about getting the message across; it’s about getting the right message to the right person at the right time, and Netcore’s Gen AI does just that!

Unleashing the Power of Netcore’s Gen AI: Pioneering a New Era of Marketing Excellence

Netcore’s Gen AI isn’t merely a tool; it’s a driving force for transformation that permeates every facet of the marketing landscape. From concept to execution, from refining strategies to enhancing efficiency, it has pushed the boundaries of what was once thought possible.

In a world where standing out is the key to success, Netcore Cloud’s Gen AI doesn’t just change the game—it becomes the new game itself. It blends traditional marketing with the future of personalized, efficient, and highly effective engagement.

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Written By: Juhi Nath
Juhi Nath
Product Marketer at Netcore Cloud