Top 5 ways to engage Foodies using App Notifications
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Top 5 ways to engage Foodies using App Notifications

Published : August 22, 2018 | Updated : May 23, 2024

How about starting with a fact that would amuse all of you? The very harsh reality of the mobile app industry is that almost all apps (except the top 5–8 apps) see 60–80% uninstall rate within 90 days of users installing the app. India probably has the highest uninstall rate in the world — so when an app says it has 10M installs, ask them for a net figure including the uninstalls!

And the food-tech apps are no exception. As a mobile app marketer, you need to have the user retention strategy in place to get an edge over the competition.

Here is a set of 5 unusual cases where you can smartly push the notification to the user to let him not forget you anytime sooner!

1. Send weather triggered invitations!

When the weather changes, the food cravings change too! And that is the best time when marketers can trigger a notification. According to research, there is a 0.55% difference in the retention rates between the brands that send triggered based notifications versus the ones who don’t.

It’s no surprise that food and groceries top the list of impulse purchase while buying online or through the app and a reminder at the right time would surely increase the chances of making a purchase!

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2. Recommend!

Rather than the user going to the app to find out for himself what he can have for dinner on a Saturday evening, a marketer can send a push exactly an hour before the meal based upon his taste buds he’s left as transaction history on your app every Saturday, to give an example.

That also serves as a good opportunity to up-sell your offering and extract more value out of the same user.

Almost every other app today sends offer based notifications to their users giving them a reason to go to your app and order food. Hence a question that arises here is how can marketers get out of this clutter? One of the best ways is to simple create a sense of urgency by keeping the offer a secret.

A user would once miss out on a 10% discount thinking that it might be insignificant but an urge to know the discount he can receive just on one notification click won’t stop him from going to the app and check it!

The benefits of food cravings are that they are repetitive! Once a user places an order of an item which he should ideally replenish, you’ve got the trigger! Based upon the ideal life of the product, marketer can begin sending reminder based push notifications.

Replenishment emails have an average open-rate of 50–60% and an average click-rate of 40–50%. App push notifications being an even more personal medium to remind can definitely fetch equally good or better response from the users.

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5. Use a GIF!

Users would have come across a lot of push notifications that are just plain vanilla text with some random % of discount or cashback. A GIF would surely grab their attention and compel them to order the delicious food through your app or take the recommendation to visit a nearby restaurant.

GIF’s could also be used for ample of other cases. For example, delivery tracking notifications or those asking for feedback can be made more appealing!

Today 95% of the notifications are rich and the chances of them opening is 18%–20% higher than text only ones.

Are you not sending these yet? By integrating the app’s SDK with Netcore, marketers can send behavior and triggered based push notifications to users to increase the retention rates and reduce the cost of retaining a customer! Schedule a demo with Netcore today!

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