The definitive user engagement guide to driving mobile app growth
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The definitive user engagement guide to driving mobile app growth

Why do you need this ebook?

The only answer to ‘How to scale mobile app growth’ is to focus on app engagement.
It’s easy to believe that user acquisition drives growth, but that’s where most mobile
app brands go wrong. Nothing can match the value of an engaged user. Users
engage with only those apps that deliver value. But to deliver that value and get
users to realize it can be quite a daunting task. That’s why this ebook exists – to make
user engagement a lot easier and achieve app growth a lot faster. From interesting
statistics to actionable strategies to a sneak into the future trends – this ebook has it
Let’s together fuel constant app user engagement and drive growth for your mobile

A quick glance into the ebook:


  • Mobile app usage statistics that will blow your mind
  • Get to the bottom of why user engagement is such a big challenge for apps
  • Building engagement within the app to achieve product-led growth –
    Understand the framework behind creating habit loops that keep users
    hooked to the app
  • Identify the important metrics to improve and optimize user engagement
  • Actionable user engagement strategies you can implement across the user
  • Psychological hacks that play an important role in shaping user behavior and
    the larger app engagement narrative
  • Stay at the top of trends that would be a gamechanger in firing up user
    engagement and eventually growth
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