Dig Deeper: How HelloTravel used Netcore Smartech to Boost Customer Engagement by 115%
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Dig Deeper: How HelloTravel used Netcore Smartech to Boost Customer Engagement by 115%

Published : August 9, 2017 | Updated : May 23, 2024

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A leading online marketplace, HelloTravel offers amazing travel packages and holiday deals to its customers. But the brand wanted to take their customer experience up a notch and stand out from the competition.

Watch this 1 minute video featuring Gaurav Gupta, Co-Founder and CMO, Hello Travel, where he talks about how Netcore Smartech helped the brand capture all its customers’ intent, send preference-based recommendations to these customers in real-time and in an automated manner.

HelloTravel’s business is mostly driven by users who are looking for interesting holiday packages which usually include flight tickets, hotel bookings, and some other extra benefits (discounts, etc.). The brand aimed at sending the most relevant holiday recommendations to these prospective users, and in real-time.

But managing and ensuring the delivery of these recommendations couldn’t happen in real-time because:

  • All the email campaigns were handled manually
  • It took massive man hours to pull out and study the email metrics – the customer’s preference
  • Sending preference-based, relevant follow-up email campaigns were constantly delayed due to manual approach

That’s when HelloTravel turned to Netcore Smartech. After carefully studying the case, our Marketing Technology Experts suggested to implement Email Marketing Automation. We helped HelloTravel build a logical, systematic follow-up plan and automated the entire process which was capable enough of sending out “holiday recommendations” based on the “destinations which a user clicked” in the previous email.

Gaurav says, “two of them (Netcore Smartech’s features) are my favourite – the Email Campaign Builder and the integration with multiple marketing channels which not only includes emails but also SMS and desktop push notifications“.

We also recommended leveraging Frequency Capping Model which enabled the brand to exclusively send the latest and the most relevant recommendation to the user despite of him clicking on multiple links in the email.

With the skilfully designed and automated email marketing campaigns, HelloTravel could enjoy multiple benefits.

  • Within 30 minutes the users received a recommendation email from HelloTravel, based on the destination the user clicked on in the previous email.
  • A 115% rise in click rates and 25% increase in open rates led to maximized customer engagement.
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