[Product Update]: Ace Customer Engagement with Netcore’s Advanced Web Message Module!
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[Product Update]: Ace Customer Engagement with Netcore’s Advanced Web Message Module!

Published : June 18, 2019 | Updated : April 23, 2024

For digital marketers like you, driving high website traffic brings you one step closer to your eventual business goal. Converting these website visitors into actual customers – the next step that brings you closer to generating revenue – is a harder challenge.

Web message as an onsite engagement channel is a very powerful tool to boost conversions. If done right, it can boost user engagement exponentially. But, if done wrong, web messages can annoy visitors and compromise the entire website user experience.

We at Netcore, strive to continuously upgrade our platform to provide you the best data-driven user engagement solutions, so that you in turn can deliver quality experiences to your customers.

We’ve recently upgraded our web message module to provide a best-in-class offering, complete with a seamless UX and advanced features that allow for a high degree of customisation capable of addressing multiple use cases across industries.

Here is how Smartech’s web message module packs a solid punch, as compared to other available vendors in the market:

  1. Highly intuitive UX

    The simple and easy-to-navigate UX makes campaign creation and execution quick and efficient. With minimal steps and clicks, you can design campaigns catering to different use case scenarios without much hassle. Simple web message campaigns can be set up in under 5 minutes!
  2. Ready-to-use responsive templates

    Smartech offers over 35 web message templates catering to the most-common use cases. The WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) semi-editing capability makes campaign creation fast and hassle-free.All the templates are responsive, hence, you don’t need to devote time and energy on making these templates multi-device friendly. 

    Whether you are adding a new feature to the website, want to entice your customers with an upsell campaign, or enhance the onboarding experience for new users, there is a readymade template that you can use to create highly engaging web message campaigns.

    Ready-to-use responsive templates
  3. LIVE preview

    An industry-first feature, LIVE preview enables you to preview the web message on your website, in real-time. You can check the position of the message, custom overlay, animation, etc. and avoid errors, without having to check it later. You can make edits on-the-go, saving yourself the time and effort of testing the message on the website.
  4. Behaviour-driven automated campaigns

    To make relevant behaviour-based targeting easier to execute, Smartech embeds the activity tracking feature in the campaign creating module itself.So, you can select the conditions under which the web message should be shown to your users, based solely on their activity on your website.

    For instance, if your user adds an item to the cart, but does not make the purchase, and is about to exit, you can show an exit intent encouraging checkout. You can choose from the predefined or custom activities on Netcore.

    This ensures that you engage with the right user with the right message at the right time through web messages as your marketing channel of preference.
  5. Rich reports and analytics:

    Netcore provides AI-powered rich dashboards and insightful reports, with which you can measure, analyse, and optimise your web message strategy to gain maximum results.With the features mentioned above, Smartech’s web message module is arguably the best in the market.

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How Can Web Messages be Used Effectively?

Netcore’s revamped web message module allows you to address diverse use cases across industries. Here is how:

  1. Improve website visitor decision making

    Just like a customer might find himself overwhelmed at the supermarket with a large number of choices for one product, your website visitors might also find themselves confused.Data-driven web messages can help the users in simplifying their choices by narrowing their attention and focus to a single offer or product.

    Improve website visitor decision making
  2. Provide the final nudge to drive a purchase or conversion event

    As marketers, you work hard to get users to your website and get them to the final step of the transaction. The last thing you want is for them to leave without completing the transaction.In such situations, when the user intends to leave the website, web messages can work like magic. Displaying a rightly designed exit intent (a discount, an offer, etc.) can nudge him/her to complete the purchase.

    Displaying exclusive summer offer
  3. Grow your subscriber database, exponentially

    Not all visitors come to your website with the intent of transacting. Unless the visitors sign up, you can hardly do anything to propel them towards the next step in the customer journey. The easiest way to ask them to sign up in when they are active on your website.

    Signup Form
  4. Drive cross-sell and upsell opportunities

    There is no better channel of engagement or time to prompt your website visitors to purchase related items, or opt for additional deals/packages than through a web message when they are already active on the website.

    Popup of upgrading to prime
  5. Drive down your cart abandonment rates:

    With around 78% of all shopping carts ending up abandoned, it’s important to use the right tactics to recover these potential transactions.An exit intent about the items in their cart (or any unfinished transaction) when they are about to leave, or a well-timed reminder later when they come back, can lead to conversions.
    Carts ending up abondoned

Smart Tips to Get You Started

Now that we’ve seen how web messages can be harnessed to boost onsite user engagement and conversions on websites, we’ve outlined some important pointers to keep in mind while designing your web message campaigns on Netcore:

  1. Embrace creativity and be willing to experiment

    Short, clear, quirky messages with attractive images, compelling CTAs, and engaging copy go a long way in achieving your campaign objectives. Be transparent in stating what kind of value the visitor is receiving, what they have to do to receive the value, and when and where they will receive the value.
  2. Don’t go overboard

    Web messages serve a number of use cases. So, it is quite easy to go overboard and send too many of them. But, too many pop-ups might cause more harm than good. 1-3 web messages designed specifically and placed on relevant pages are good enough.For instance, a web message on your home page to convert new visitors, an exit intent to drive sales with offers on the cart page, or a message for any important announcement to all visitors will often do the job.
  3. Factor in an adequate time lapse

    Displaying the web message as soon as the visitor comes to your website, can be annoying. Add a delay of 10-15 seconds for them to form an opinion of your website. Considering that 55% of visitors might leave your site within 15 seconds, you might want to choose your own delay length that fits your needs.
  4. Keep your messages relevant and behaviour-driven

    Whether you are trying to decrease cart abandonment, convert first time visitors, or reward people that have purchased from you before, web messages provide an excellent way to engage your visitors. Use them wisely.The activity-based triggered web messages feature that Netcore offers is particularly useful in this scenario.
  5. Choose the layout appropriately

    Web messages come in multiple layouts – banner, full screen, sticky bar, and modal. Each layout provides a different user experience and caters to specific use cases. For instance, to attract your users’ attention towards a cart abandonment message, you might want to display a modal web message. However, for encouraging them to sign up, you might show a full-screen web message when they are about to exit. Also, ensure that the pop up can be easily be closed and does it interfere with the content or readability. While some brands still focus on driving high website traffic, result-oriented marketers like you put equal emphasis on conversions. This is precisely why you can leverage web messages to add more firepower to your digital marketing arsenal.

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