9 ways to Create a Responsive Email Strategy
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9 ways to Create a Responsive Email Strategy

Published : July 31, 2019

Today, no business owner can think of surviving in a highly competitive industry without an influential mobile application. But what about the marketing plan? Email is one of the effective and simple ways to connect to your potential customers. This is a channel, which allows the marketers to communicate to their prospects in an effective manner by using responsive emails.

How effective email marketing is going to help you in mobile app promotions? Email marketing might leave behind PPC, and other content marketing practices, in terms of wooing customers. It is a potential medium to converse with your users. Here are some of the useful tips for creating responsive emails at your glance

Set a focused goal

This is the base of a responsive email marketing strategy. Each email, which you send, owns a clear purpose. And, every business owner may have a different purpose to gain the user’s attention. Hence, you must create a result-oriented goal before composing a responsive email. Stay clear while forming the title, intro, and the body. Stick to professionalism throughout the email.

Show personalization towards the users

Right from the beginning stay personalized, greet them with the words, as Dear..or address them with their name in the subject line. And, in the age of mobile, send them mobile-friendly or responsive emails.

Acquire new users

It is a good gesture to send welcome emails to our new users. This lets us set up a genuine and lasting relationship with them. You can welcome them with action. For example, you can offer some DISCOUNT on their first purchase. The new users will feel encouraged to try your products, and if you have good quality at a good price, they might turn into regular customers.

Focus on retention

There are users, who have your app installed, but they have not used it for a long time. For this, start analyzing data. Once you are done with this practice, try to tag those users with some medium, who are at the risk of leaving you. Reengage them with the launch of the new version or fresh feature of your application. Keep spreading such news to retain your old, new and existing customers.

Consider proofreading

The chances to abandon email increase if it has poor grammar and spelling errors. So, stay careful during composing emails. AB testing is a good idea, as it can help minimize the scope of committing errors. Test the email regarding its tone, spelling errors, sentence structure, usage of words, etc. Beautify the content, wherever needed.

Try not to appear salesy

Remember that composing responsive email is not all about earning sales. It is more than that, as it increases your experience of generating more leads. If you will only be inclined towards sales, then you can lose other crucial aspects. Create your emails in such a manner that it offers additional things. If the users find it good, then they will definitely go for them. Add additional offerings to impress your customers.

Insert an amazing call-to-action

There is no use of sending bulk emails to your customers if you do not indicate them what exactly do you want them to do. Here comes the role of an influential call-to-action, which is a foundation of successful email marketing practices. This works as a magical button, which ultimately turns the readers into regular customers. It asks them to complete a survey form, click on the click, subscribe newsletter, etc.

Say No to spamming

In the United States, this is an illegal activity, which denotes the importance of offering a unique experience to the users via your emails. Try to address only those email IDs, which has consented to receive emails from you. For offering more ease to your subscribers, it is better to add your contact details, such as an address, contact number, social media account and more. Do not consider sending so many emails within a short period. Adding to this, you should make it an easy process for the users to unsubscribe your emails.

Insist a feedback every time

Yes, it is one of the most effective email marketing strategies for mobile app promotion. Ask for the feedback each time you trigger your email. There are a number of channels, where they can post their comments and feedback. After a considerable time, you will own a polished app, as you kept improving with the feedback.


Hence, these simple email tips will help you market your app appropriately. Keep your users happy with the offers and rewards. Try to provide them special coupons and offers, this will encourage them to bring more customers towards your application. So, work on these effective tips and reap the desired benefits with your exclusive mobile application.

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