5 Things to Keep in Mind before picking your Transactional Email Service
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Jasmine Handa

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5 Things to Keep in Mind before picking your Transactional Email Service

Published : April 29, 2020

Every brand is using email as a medium to stay connected with their customers and since most of the transactions happening are digital, you just can’t leave your customers waiting for the details of the transactions that they have made a couple of seconds ago! And so , we have compiled 5 things that you should keep in mind before you pick the next Transactional Email Service,these factors are very important for you to consider for a perfect evaluation of your Transactional email service provider.

You might not realize it, but remember the last time you were waiting for an OTP, shipping notification, 0rder confirmation, password recovery or yes not to forget refunds! And many more such email or message communications.

Yes! It feels very frustrating, and you surely don’t want your customer to feel that disappointment with your brand.

So, Why using a Transactional Email Service so important?

To win your customer’s heart and being their first choice always, transactional email service provider helps you to deal with all the technicalities so that you are not involved in work that eats up much of your precious time.

  1. It speeds up your business processes – registrations, purchases, or any other activities etc.
  2. It builds loyalty for providing the fastest communication.
  3. It provides high deliverability so that important transactional emails don’t go in spam.
  4. It provides real-time data, so that you can improve your email strategy.

There can be a lot of intangible benefits that having a good transactional email service can have on your business.

But, Before you evaluate, you need to first figure out…

What are your email sending needs? 

Would it be used just for your transactional needs or you’re going to send bulk emails or marketing emails from it?

How many emails would you be sending each month on an average?

What is your budget? So that you can choose the tool that does not empty your pocket.

What are the main features that you are looking for? Etc. etc.

Now when you are ready with what you want, let us take you through the pointers that you need to consider while you are evaluating a Transactional email service for your business.

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Transactional Email Service – Things to Keep in mind

1. Assess not just deliverability but speed too!

Speed matters a lot, if your transactional email is received late, then it will eventually make no sense for your customers.Therefore, check for the deliverability rates and speed by yourself so that you will get to know if there is any performance issue.

You can also search various review sites to find out,if customers are facing any problems with inboxing and ontime delivery of emails. Make sure to check the mentions of  Transactional email service  on social media platforms and try to understand the users scale of satisfaction with the service.

Deliverability is very much related to the IP or email sending reputation and so you need to assess the transactional email service whether they are providing proper warm up process and dedicated IP to ensure that your email achieves higher inboxing.

2. Is email authentication and security in place?

Your transactional email service should provide and encourage authentication with SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. Secure sending of your emails are equally important with all the compliances and regulations as it protects your brand identity and reputation.

It also assists with guaranteeing that your domain can’t be counterfeit in transactional emails which is basic for securing your customers. 

Taking legitimate email authentication measures additionally has another advantage: they can help improve your capacity to get notifications and other important emails to your customer inboxes. It helps to make it almost certain that the IP addresses and sending domains for your email will be trusted by recipient servers.

3. Real time Analytics and Documentation

Getting data and reports of your transactional email campaign saves a lot of time as you get the number about deliverability and engagement stats at one place,which helps to make decisions wisely.

Also, do not forget to look for the documentation provided by your transactional email service provider, as setting up might not take much time but integrating with more advanced features will. These documents include all the content pieces like blog post, tutorials, guides, videos, support documents etc. that your provider is offering so that you can easily implement their services.

Check whether the documents are easily understood because encountering incomprehensible documentation can really make the task difficult for you.

4. Time to troubleshoot your queries!

The most important aspect of choosing any service is the customer support. If it is taking too long for your Email service provider to respond to your queries then it is absolutely a deal breaker!

Make sure to check the time taken by your transactional email service provider to respond to your emails, chats or  messages on social media, this will ensure how much they take care of their customers.Proving a knowledgeable support team who is always ready to resolve issues of the customers is one of the best thing that your transactional email service provider can offer.

5. Cost Calculation

Everyone believes that quality matters and therefore, we should focus more on features of the transactional email service than the Pricing plans that they are offering. But don’t you think that features offered and pricing plans should strike a good balance?

Well, we surely don’t want any service which requires your pockets to be deep, but want something that provides enough value.After all, it is said that email marketing has the best ROI then why not it be.

So, evaluate your email service provider in a way that you get the most of your transactional email campaign at the best price!

Summing up

Picking the right platform is the most important step to start your transactional email campaign. While we have given you the tips, let’s get down to the list of transactional email services and assess each one. You can try their free tiers because an hands on experience makes it pretty easy for you to take decisions. Do test the deliverability and speed as it is the most important aspect of Transactional emails. They are crucial for your business and so choosing the right one is an essential task too.

If you want to check the most powerful transactional email service, why don’t you begin by signing up with Pepipost?

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Till then Happy Emailing!


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Written By: Jasmine Handa