11 Best Free SMTP Servers in 2020 | Scalable SMTP Relay Service
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11 Best Free SMTP Servers in 2020 | Scalable SMTP Relay Service

Published : May 2, 2020

An important marketing strategy is running an email campaign, but what makes the situation complex while you are aspiring for a powerful email campaign is the choice of the SMTP relay server that can help you meet your business objectives. In this article, we will talk all about the SMTP relay server, why do you need free SMTP servers? And our compilation of 11 Best Scalable SMTP Relay Server that you can use to send bulk emails in 2020!

A good chunk to your marketing strategy goes to running a powerful email campaign!

It’s as if you are solving sudoku, where you need to make sure that all the numbers are placed correctly else you will be deadlocked. Similarly, choosing a decent SMTP service makes the situation more complex while you are designing a successful email campaign.

By let me ask you first! How much do you know about the SMTP relay service?

It is very crucial to know more about these servers, and why do you need them, so that you know exactly what you want and what your further course of action should be!  

Let’s take a closer look! Shall we?

What is an SMTP Relay Server?

You must be already knowing that SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is a protocol/service that directs the email through a reliable 3rd party/ Internet to deliver large batches of email. The great part is that it helps in preventing emails from being mislabeled as spam. It mostly specializes in sending bulk emails or transactional emails (like password resets, delivery confirmations, etc) which are crucial to the business.

Usually, businesses exceed the small sending limits and need project-level features to send emails to their customers. This is where SMTP Relay service providers can aid in delivering a large volume of emails for the growth of the businesses.

Why do You Need a Scalable and Free SMTP Relay Server?

Forwarding emails to your peers is easy and doesn’t require any special talent. It’s quite straightforward!

But when it comes to forwarding tons of marketing newsletters to your clients and subscribers you might need some help. Such emails are often mislabeled as spam, and so in such cases, an SMTP relay server is a savior! 

Using your peer-to-peer primary email server for sending bulk emails can affect your delivery rate and even clog your bandwidth. As a consequence, the delivery and receiving of emails will be potentially delayed and would reduce your inbox placement rates terribly.

Therefore, as your business grows, outsourcing an SMTP relay server becomes a necessity so that you can fulfill the growing need of sending emails amounting to millions or more. It will help you manage your email campaigns, so that you can send the bulk of messages and automated emails without disturbing your daily communications and domain/IP reputation.

The best part is that these email management systems are highly scalable and you won’t need to spend any hardware or software costs!

Most of the email services use SMTP to send bulk emails. Here are a few that are doing really great in the marketing world when it comes to reliability, affordability and deliverability!

Let’s have a look at a small video, which can help you understand what an SMTP Server is

11 Free SMTP Servers to use in 2020

So, without further ado, let’s scroll down to know the 11 Best Free STMP Servers for Bulk emails in 2020!

1. Pepipost

First on our list is Pepipost!  They are named the “Most Likely To Be Recommended” in G2’s Transactional Email category 2020! And you would definitely agree with this when you will try them!

You can send your bulk emails using Pepipost by merely configuring SMTP in applications like Thunderbird, Outlook, and CRM. You can even integrate the SMTP service with your applications and software via APIs. Pepipost also provides round the clock customer support to resolve your queries and that is majorly I feel why its #1 for me!

After all, support is very important for seamless on-boarding and services thereafter!

Also, you don’t have to worry about Pricing.. bet you, they are the most affordable!


  • It offers Webhook integration which notifies you about the user behavior immediately like open rate and bounce rate. 
  • Pepipost authorizes you to make sub-accounts & provides advanced analytical reports for your email campaign
  • They stress secure sending and provide a 90-days history log to take decisions from your past activities.(They are only one doing that)

Learn more about Pepipost

2. Pabbly Email Marketing

Pabbly Email Marketing is the only email marketing service that doesn’t restrict you on features which means you’ll get all the features with their paid or free plans like marketing automation, list management, email tracking, etc. It offers its own inbuilt SMTP server without any additional charges. Besides this, you can also integrate 50+ external SMTPs effortlessly for sending emails.

With this service, you can send bulk emails to all your prospective users. It is the best software that helps you to boost your email marketing performance by running campaigns. Also, you can quickly handle & arrange your contacts, email lists, import emails, etc.


  • Pabbly Email Marketing is the only service that handles bounce and spam complaints about all popular SMTP’s such as Amazon SES, MailGun, Mandrill, & SendGrid, and many more.
  • Automatically send emails on a pre-set schedules to engage your subscribers.
  • Track email clicks, open rate, and click-through rate easily for all your campaigns.
  • Automatically send welcome emails when a new subscriber joins your email list.
  • Get free access to 500+ email templates that accept all types of customizations.
  • No limits on Marketing Automation

3. Moosend

Moosend is yet another SMTP relay service provider that provides its users with an easy and fast way to email marketing and crafting beautiful emails. With the help of this SMTP tool, you can manage various email campaigns easily. It offers multiple features like email automation and even creates responsive newsletters. This makes it a perfect platform for bulk email transactions and messaging.


  • The tool comes with powerful real-time analytics. 
  • You can enrich your current contact list as it allows you to add more options. 
  • This has a spam testing assistant, which uses real spam filters and checks the HTML content and helps you detect spam email.

4. SendGrid

Next, we have SendGrid, We are sure you would have heard about them!It is another exclusive SMTP service provider that offers its services over cloud. Yes, you don’t need to maintain any server to send your emails, what you need to do is include the SendGrid credentials and then configure your email settings. That’s it. You are good to go!

Also, You can implement the SMTP relay set-up by altering the pre-set SMTP configuration.


  • Analytics report for tracking Open and click to measure the engagement.
  • The marketing email service allows non-technical users to send bulk newsletters and other bulk emails using a drag-and-drop interface
  • For SMTP integration, SendGrid offers a maximum of 7 development frameworks.

Learn more about Sendgrid


If you are looking for the best SMTP relay server, then it is difficult that you won’t find SMTP2GO in the list. This SMTP software allows you to send mass emails and at the same time, you can even track them so as to make better decisions for your business.You can send transactional emails from your app, general emails from Outlook, or marketing emails with a built-in unsubscribe link


  • SMTP2GO comes with real-time notification for its users, in case of a sudden rise in bounce rate or any other issue in the account.
  • It has various multi-data centers and so the delivery of your email will not be much affected in the case of Internet failure.
  • The tools also keeps you off the spam folders and blacklists, so you don’t have to worry about your reputation. 

Learn more about SMTP2GO

6. SendinBlue

Next we have, SendinBlue, which is the one-stop solution that allows you to complete all your tasks from creating informative emails to sending them via Internet.It provides access to beautiful templates gallery and Drag & Drop Builder to will empower you to inspire your audience

You can even integrate it with various software using classic SMTP parameters, API, postfix configuration and the PHP library of SendinBlue.


  • SendinBlue ensures domain security as it provides you with a dedicated IP address. 
  • It allows you to execute the deliverability test & access click-through rates, open rates that help in further analysis & implementations.
  • It also has a sent time optimization feature so that you can decide the right time to send your emails. 

7. Amazon SES

Another affordable email deliverability service that allows seamless and easy SMTP integration is Amazon SES. It is an ideal SMTP relay server for any online company that needs to send promotional or transactional emails often.They provide scalability as you get the “pay as you go “option.


  • You can ensure a high deliverability rate as your emails will pass SPF and Sender ID policy checks enforced by many ISPs and DKIM-sign.
  • It has G-Lock EasyMail built-in Bounced Manager to extract the recipient’s email address from the feedback loop email so that it can take the recipient off your subscriber list.
  • You also get a dedicated dashboard that manages sender reputation.

Learn more about Amazon SES

8. Mandrill App

Mandrill has recently been added with MailChimp services. It is another popular SMTP relay service and software. The tool ensures high deliverability rates of email with its powerful SMTP services and analytics. Mailchimp as we all know are pretty good when it comes to email marketing but the new pricing structure is pretty high as you need to pay for two products that is Mailchimp as well as Mandrill!So, Not an option if you are looking for just an email delivery service.


  • One of the influential features is that, it includes the use of multiple domains to send out emails, with a single Mandrill account. 
  • You can generate reports for intensive analysis.
  • You can even customize your message sending options like reverse DNS, adding custom tracking domains, etc.

Learn more about Mandrill App

9. Mailjet

Mailjet is acquired by Mailgun (which is another transactional email API service)now The Mailjet SMTP server is packed with multiple features, the best being its seamless and effortless integration. You can even avail the Mailjet SMTP service in the form of plugins and can get all that flexibility in personalizing emails! You can create both email marketing campaigns and send transactional emails via their website or CRM.


  • It has user-friendly templating system, intuitive layout designer to create impactful automated emails in seconds.   
  • It supports A/B testing and you can also create a separate contact list for target emailing and more.
  • Its services are backed by the real-time dashboard that tells about open, click-through, unsubscribe and spam rate.

10. SendPulse

Next we have, SendPulse is considered which is also considered as a reliable SMTP server. It provides hassle-free email deliverability services. Its API integration is supported by 6 different developer frameworks that allow diverse integration options.


  • SendPulse segregates the unsubscribed recipients from the others and doesn’t send emails to them even though they are mentioned in the list. 
  • The server also provides insights on various statistics like click rates, sent messages, and other details.
  • SendPulse assists the user with dedicated IP address to enhance their reputation.

11. MailGet Bolt

Next in line we have MailGet Bolt! All the email sending activities are taken care of, in this emailing service by a built-in SMTP provider. As the SMTP is pre-installed, it saves you from going through the tiring task of its integration.


  • MailGet Bolt also provides bulk emailing service and ensures that the inbox delivery rates are high.
  • You can set the date and time as required and schedule your campaign with this service.
  • This email sending service also sends auto follow-ups to obtain better open rates.

Wrapping Up

We hope that you will be able to take your email marketing campaign a notch up with these scalable SMTP relay servers. And in case you are not able to decide on one, then share your queries with us by commenting below. Also, you can anytime reach out to us through 24/7 chat support.

Till then hustle harder!


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