Science of switching an ESP in 2021, recommendations for Bronto users

Science of switching an ESP in 2021, recommendations for Bronto users

About this Webinar

Hello Bronto customer! Chances are you are on the lookout for a new email service provider(ESP) or planning a platform migration. We have partnered with Chris Marriott, Founder at Email Connect, to help you understand the process of selecting your next ESP. Marketers are often put off by ESP migration as it appears to be complicated and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. An ESP migration is easier when you have a team to show you the best practices and processes for a successful transition. Don’t wait, now is the time for you to evaluate the product capabilities of a new platform, and understand how they can positively impact your marketing goals. Join us and you will get deep insights on reviewing the features of an ESP, data migration practices, deliverability best practices, IP/domain warmup process, and much more.

Key takeaways
Essential features and benefits that your new email platform should have.
Best practices for data migration to your new ESP.
Hacks to fast track warm up and scale without troubles.
Best practices to maintain good deliverability with your new ESP.
How can Netcore Cloud help you achieve all your email marketing goals?
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