Personalization Thursdays: Book an Uplift in Conversions by 9-12% with AI-led Travel Recommendations

About this Webinar

Did you know that conversion rates on your travel platform are not more than 1-3%? This number is much lower when compared to the e-commerce retail industry! One sure-shot way to turbocharge your customer engagement and monetization is by personalizing the entire customer journey – for every customer – across all digital touchpoints. Providing contextual AI-driven travel recommendations on your app or personalizing specific elements of your website at an individual level can actually work wonders.

Key Takeaways from the Webinar
Understand the key customer engagement and retention challenges that travel platforms face
Learn how the Smartech Personalization Module can help you customize the entire customer journey across your travel website or mobile app, to increase conversion rates by 9-12%
Identify how advanced ML models can help you improve user behavioral predictions by almost 20%
Gain insights on how to deliver the most relevant flight, travel package, or accommodation recommendations to elevate marketing ROI by 10X
Learn how you can get started on your own personalization journey for your travel website or mobile app with the Smartech Personalization Module, in less than 15 minutes
Unlock unmatched customer experiences, get started now
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