Image caching: Email Threat or an Opportunity

Image caching: Email Threat or an Opportunity

Email Experts from Yahoo and Netcore Cloud discuss the impact of Apple’s new iOS15 on email.

About this Webinar

Apple has announced a new feature called Mail Privacy Protection (MPP), expected to be launched in September 2021.

As part of this feature, Apple’s mail app in iOS 15 and macOS Monterey devices will begin proxying images, including the open tracking pixels. It will prevent senders from tracking accurate ‘open’ information and geo-location data.

Apple mail accounts for almost 39% of email client market share posing a significant challenge to marketers. Essentially ‘opens’ are going away and marketers will have to adapt to unreliable engagement data. The uncertainty might also lead to a possible decline in inboxing with mailbox providers.

Find out from the experts’ panel on how to use other performance metrics instead of ‘opens’ to face these changes

You will learn:
Why do you need to track other KPIs than open rates to measure customer intent?
The impact of Apple’s privacy protection changes on Send Time Optimization, Email journeys & automation, and Email design.
How do senders start analyzing mailing lists better to transition through these changes?
How will deliverability get affected, and how to guard against any decline?
How to combat a loss of subscriber experience?
Netcore Deliverability Summit 2021 - North American Edition marcel 1
Marcel Becker
Sr. Director, Product Management, Yahoo
Matthew Vernhout
Matthew Vernhout
Vice President, Deliverability, Netcore Cloud
Chaitanya Chinta
Chaitanya Chinta
Global Business Head, Email, Netcore Cloud

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