Unocoin achieves a massive 41% boost in app conversions

Unocoin achieves a massive 41% boost in app conversions

Key Results
Uplift in 'users adding their bank reference numbers'
Uplift in 'users signing up on the app'

About Company: 

Unocoin is India’s Best Bitcoin & Crypto Exchange. The company started way back in 2013, and they make it simple for users in India to engage in Bitcoin transactions with confidence. Unocoin serves more than 2.3 million customers today.


Industry: Bitcoin Trading

Region: India

Category: Product Experience

Solutions used: Netcore’s no-code Product Experience platform


In order to improve user engagement and adoption of their app, the Unocoin team set out to address two main challenges:

  • Increasing user sign-ups and account activations on their app
  • Encouraging more users to add Bank Reference Numbers


Netcore Cloud’s Strategy:

We took into account Unocoin’s concerns and suggested the use of Netcore’s innovative no-code nudges to guide app users towards desired actions. By leveraging the cutting-edge capabilities of Netcore Cloud, Unocoin implemented a nudge on the registration page of their app, which highlighted the ‘Sign up’ button, resulting in increased user registrations and access to Unocoin’s extensive range of features.

Netcore’s ability to provide insights into user behavior at various stages of the user journey was invaluable in identifying areas for improvement. As a result, Unocoin implemented a second nudge to remind users to include their Bank reference numbers during transactions if they had missed it earlier, thus enhancing the overall user experience.

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