Shajgoj achieves 5X uplift in Click-through Rates on Automated APNs

Shajgoj achieves 5X uplift in Click-through Rates on Automated APNs

Key Results
Uplift in CTRs on Journeys/Automated APNs compared to Broadcast messaging
APN delivery rate

Company: Shajgoj stands tall as a prominent e-commerce platform for beauty and personal care products, with a thriving presence in Bangladesh. Their mission is to encourage women to feel empowered, confident, and beautiful and serve as a source of inspiration.


Industry: Beauty & Personal Care e-Commerce

Location: Bangladesh

Category: Customer Engagement

Solution Used: Customer Engagement


Enhance user engagement on their app by setting up automation through a user-friendly solution. 

Level up their targeting and retargeting strategies to make their campaigns more effective and efficient.

Establishing an omnichannel marketing strategy focused on App Push Notifications was necessary. 


Netcore Cloud’s Strategy:

Journey Automation: Automated journeys for the following use cases: Welcome Journey, Cart Abandonment, Restock Journey.

Omnichannel Communication: An omnichannel approach, including App Push Notifications, was used to engage with these users.

Upsell Journeys: Helped set up up-sell journeys to increase repeat purchases.

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