The Remarkable Journey of Prashant Pramhans

From a timid and ailing child in a small village in Bihar to a global sales leader for global SaaS giant, Netcore Cloud, having traversed 26 countries - here’s the remarkable journey of Prashant Pramhans, our discerning Netcorian who has been the driving force behind our international growth under the leadership of Abithab Bhaskar. He completes 11 years at Netcore Cloud and we couldn’t have been more grateful to Prashant for being part of our success journey.
“Growing up in Khagaria, Bihar, my access to education was limited. Due to my poor health, I wasn't able to start school until I was 11 years old. Until then, my family and kind-hearted teachers were my only source of learning. When I finally started school, it was a challenging transition to sit in a classroom full of students who had been in school for many years before me. But I discovered my talent in Mathematics, and it was this expertise that helped me excel in my education.

From Struggling to Confidence

Despite my talent in Mathematics, speaking English was a major challenge. The environment in my village didn't provide me with the necessary exposure to the language, so I struggled with it until I was in college. But I didn't let that hold me back. I worked hard to improve my English-speaking skills, and today I'm proud to say that I lead international sales and interact with industry leaders across countries in English.

Embarking on an international adventure

After college, I attempted the CAT entrance exam for an MBA, and I landed a pre-placement offer with a tech company based in Mumbai. This was my first time in the City of Dreams. In 2012, I was given the opportunity to work with Netcore Cloud. Back then, Netcore was mostly focused on India and was looking to expand overseas. I was tasked with building our international growth from scratch, and it was an incredible challenge. When you start off from scratch in a foreign land, you become your company. You represent your company, and you have to hold that image responsibility. It was a huge responsibility, but it was also enriching.
There's no denying that my mentor, Abithab Bhaskar, played a pivotal role in shaping my professional growth. He's been a guiding force since the beginning of my journey with Netcore Cloud, and his unwavering support and mentorship have been instrumental in helping me navigate through the ups and downs of building an international sales team from scratch.

Learning from 26 Countries and Countless Cultures

Under Abithab’s tutelage, I've learned how to lead new markets, how to build a team that's driven by passion and dedication, and most importantly, how to adapt to different cultures. The global market is diverse and complex, and being able to connect with customers from different regions requires a keen sense of cultural sensitivity and a willingness to learn from different perspectives.
Over the last 15 years, I've developed a personality that can mold itself into any market and be relevant to the needs of that market. I've come to realize that being adaptable and open-minded is crucial to succeeding in international sales. And I owe this realization to Kalpit Jain, Abithab Bhaskar, and Saket Kumar Jha, who taught me the value of cultural sensitivity and the importance of connecting with customers from different parts of the world.
Looking back on the past 11 years, I feel a surge of emotion. It's been an amazing journey. As a company, Netcore has grown our international sales team from a one-member team to 65+ members today, with our reach in over 40 countries. I have had the amazing opportunity to travel across 26 geographies, and I've learned so much about adapting to different cultures.

Reflecting on 11 years at Netcore: What makes me stay?

Over the last decade, the human resource policies at Netcore have kept evolving with time. However, one thing that has stayed consistent is its continual growth and its direct impact on those who have been working towards this success. At Netcore, the best part is that if you work hard, results will show, not just in the company, but also in your career. Netcore is an organization unlike many others, where, years of experience takes a backseat to passion and the drive to make a difference. What truly keeps me motivated is the company's unwavering commitment to evolution - an endless journey of opportunities to learn, grow, and make an impact. After all these years, Netcore still fills me with a sense of pride and purpose, making me look forward to each new day with hope and enthusiasm.

Compliance and Recognition Accolades