Email Campaigns

Deliver Value and Boost User-Engagement through Smart Email Campaigns Powered by AI.

Engage users through personalised broadcasts and triggered email marketing campaigns

Get Personalized Broadcasts And Triggered Email Campaigns for User Engagement.

Efficiently automate the delivery of highly personalized email campaigns to distinct segments of customers based on their various email templates and historical behavior. Orchestrate Automated triggers for email campaigns based on customer actions in real-time. Simple enough, right?

AI-powered email marketing

Unlock The Power of AI/ML For Higher Open and Click Rates.

Employ the power of AI & ML using Netcore’s exceptional targeting specialties to make your email campaigns more productive by optimizing your subject lines and sent times. Invest your time on a Science-backed marketing strategy, rather than the only hunch, to receive the maximum result from your email campaigns.

Customer Segmentation

Achieve Better Results for Email Campaigns by Utilizing Advanced Customer Segmentation.

Accomplish hyper-personalization at scale through complex rules by creating specific segments based on responses from your customers to earlier omnichannel campaigns. Recognize micro-segments based on parameters of your choice to sharpen your targeting even further.

Customized Email Marketing Templates

Bring Life into your Email Campaigns With Personalized Email Templates.

Utilize an extensive gallery of pre-defined email templates or a simple-to-use Drag and Drop editor to help you create the best emails in a snap. Know the potency of your email by multi-variant A/B testing to get the optimum email design & layout. Just keep creating, experimenting, testing, and executing!

Email Marketing Reports

Improve Performance Through Intelligent Reports And Interactive Dashboards.

Enhance your understanding of all Email Campaigns you run with important KPIs such as Email Open Rates, Optimal days and time, and Email Campaign Trends. These shall be the single source of truth for your email marketing performance. Therefore, measure, learn, and pivot to maximize your email marketing ROI.

Access Global Email Trends Report 2020


Leading Job Site in the US Achieves Uplift in Deliverability and Engagement with Netcore

Our deliverability team helped the brand with 23% Increase in Inbox Placement Rate, 42% Uplift in Open rates, and Quick Scale-up.

How Canon Increased Email Campaign Open Rates with Netcore

10.6% lift in Open Rates, 9.3% lift in Click Rates. Canon also reported 90% successful campaigns using Netcore’s AI-powered Email Delivery Solution.

World’s 3rd Largest Hotel Chain Achieves a 2x Increase Customer Engagement with Netcore

2x higher deliverability and CTR 94%+ Inboxing rate with high inboxing to Gmail and a significant surge in hotel bookings.