Wakefit.co onboards SaaS Major, Netcore Cloud’s No-Code Product Experience to Enhance User Experience

The collaboration will help Wakefit.co save more than 150 developer hours and is estimated to improve conversion across the funnel.

Netcore Cloud, a profitable SaaS company and global leader in customer communication, engagement, and retention, has been onboarded by India’s largest D2C home and sleep solutions company, Wakefit.co for Product Experience. Netcore Cloud’s product suite armed with Contextual Nudges & Walkthroughs is expected to greatly enhance the website experiences of users with no developer effort.

Wakefit.co, was founded in 2016 and holds the vision of being India’s most loved home solutions brand. Today it offers innovative products with a seamless shopping experience for its customers. As the market evolves, the company hopes to enhance its customer centricity and capture customers from existing and new markets. The collaboration with Netcore Cloud will help the brand differentiate itself in a competitive market, by picking the right experience for the right user at the right time armed with Netcore Cloud’s Contextual Nudges & Walkthroughs.

Kalpit Jain, Group CEO, Netcore Cloud, “Nudges are subtle interventions that help people make better choices. There is growing adoption of the nudge feature by brands as they look to empower their customers with the next best step in their purchase journey. Netcore Cloud’s Contextual Nudges not only enables users to optimize the functionality of the website but also helps them to discover relevant products and make better choices. Our No-Code Product Experience platform will help Wakefit.co customize their engagement with users thereby largely benefitting the quality of experience on the website.”

Walkthroughs are contextual sequences/series of nudges that take users from one step to the other. They, therefore, drive better onboarding experiences by getting users acquainted with the website quickly, thus delivering a hassle-free user experience.

Satyabrata Parida, senior growth manager, Wakefit.co, said, “We are delighted to partner with Netcore Cloud to strengthen our customer engagement strategy. Customer-centricity and product innovation is embedded in our DNA and we are constantly working towards providing seamless shopping experiences to our customers. Our collaboration with Netcore Cloud will help us create more value, and increase conversion.”

While, traditionally, any of the new features in websites/apps would usually take over 15 to 20 days to implement. However, Netcore’s no-code/low-code nudges offer companies to deploy the feature within the website/app in 15 minutes.

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