Leading APAC e-tailer Miss Amara partners with Netcore Cloud to scale revenue through website personalization

SYDNEY, June 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Miss Amara, one of the largest rug e-tailers in the Asia-Pacific region, has partnered with Netcore Cloud to boost its revenue, customer engagement, and retention through AI-powered personalization.

By partnering with Netcore Cloud, Miss Amara aims to leverage Netcore’s AI-powered personalization engine to enhance the product recommendations it offers to its users, and improve the add-to-cart rate, purchase rate, and overall revenue.

Netcore Cloud’s proprietary AI algorithms, when integrated with Miss Amara‘s website, will predict the most relevant and personalized products for each customer in real-time. Displaying the right product at the different pages of the website increases the chances of customers buying the recommended products. The user interaction works as real-time feedback and helps in continually improving product recommendations.

Following an initial A/B testing phase, Netcore’s product recommendations contributed to 10% of the total website conversions.

Jacob Dryer, Digital Marketing Manager, Miss Amara said, “We were already using another recommendation engine and were getting good conversion rates, when we were introduced to Netcore Cloud through a co-marketer in Australia. Netcore Cloud’s personalization engine helped us further improve the accuracy of the recommendations. Also, we were able to integrate these effectively at many more touch-points in the website. With this, we were able to increase the ATC rates by 4%-5% ON TOP of the existing engine.”

“Delivering personalized experiences across all user touchpoints is a core mission of all our offerings. The team at Miss Amara is as cutting-edge as it can get and we are excited to arm them with the best possible martech stack for customer engagement and retention. With our unique expertise of serving brands in the e-commerce space across the globe, we are confident of achieving astronomical results in an expedited time frame,” added Kalpit Jain, Group CEO, Netcore Cloud.

About Netcore Cloud

Netcore Cloud is a globally recognized marketing technology SaaS company. It offers full-stack martech products that help product and growth marketers deliver AI-powered intelligent customer experiences across all touchpoints of the user journey. The platform is an all-in-one solution for building unified views of customers, orchestrating omni-channel communication journeys, personalizing the apps and websites, optimizing user experience, real-time reporting and actionable analytics.  All the products are designed to scale, with a focus on ROI. Netcore Cloud delivers 12+ billion emails, and tracks 100+ billion marketing events every month for world’s top marketers.

Netcore Cloud serves over 5000 clients spread across 18 countries. Industry leading brands Canon, Disney+ Hotstar, Jockey, Puma, The Body Shop, Jack & Jones, Tommy Hilfiger, Gas Jeans, Tobi, Standard Chartered, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Thi Truong Si, Matahari, Gramedia, Hnam Mobile, and Fahasa trust Netcore Cloud to power their customer acquisition, engagement, and retention goals.

Netcore Cloud has been in business for 20+ years, is a leader in Asia, and is aggressively expanding its presence in the US, EU, and South America. Netcore operates out of India, USA, Germany, Nigeria, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, and UAE.

About Miss Amara

Miss Amara is a premium e-retailer of rugs, with online stores in Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and USA. The brand’s mission is to create the best possible experience for customers shopping for rugs online. Launched in 2014, Miss Amara is now regarded as one of the emerging e-commerce leaders in the APAC region.

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