COVID-19 Series|EP #1: Sending Valuable Messages By Email During a Pandemic

About this Podcast

Email has been around for 30-+ years now. Unfortunately, it’s fraught with issues such as spam, phishing, and over-communicating. Now there’s a new problem: We’re in the middle of a global pandemic that has changed the whole landscape of email.

We still rely on it, though. Email has the highest ROI of any communication channel out there. But no one wants to use a crisis as a promotional tool. So how can you communicate sensitively and powerfully during a pandemic?

In this episode of the Email Unplugged Podcast, Powered by Netcore, Dennis talks with Matthew Vernhout, the director of privacy and industry relations at Validity.

Quick snapshot
In this podcast, they discussed
How the herd mentality could be affecting your email communication strategy…and why it shouldn’t
How to keep your email on message, your audiences informed, and your customers connected, all without panicking
How to be sensitive to people during a crisis
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