EP #4: Personalization-led Growth Strategies from BigBasket

About this Podcast

As part of our #PersonalizationThursdays series where we discuss the impact of personalization and predictive recommendations across key industries, we interacted with Anand Bhaskaran, Head of Digital Marketing at India’s online supermarket: BigBasket! Anand highlights the following:

  • Key user engagement and retention challenges specific to the online grocery space
  • The similarities and differences in online shopping across Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities
  • Addressing these challenges with data-driven personalization
  • The use of AI to provide contextual product recommendations at BigBasket
  • The value of integrating conventional marketing, tech solutions, and human experimentation to drive future scale in the online grocery industry

Tune in to learn how digital grocery platforms can uplift conversions and marketing ROI using a well-conceived personalization strategy!

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