EP #69: The evolution of retail and eCommerce landscape in the new normal

EP #69: The evolution of retail and eCommerce landscape in the new normal

About this Podcast

The retail and eCommerce landscape has seen a sea change over the past couple of years. The pandemic caused a massive shift in consumer behavior as shoppers were forced to rely on online brands to do their shopping. Businesses scrambled to keep up with customer demands, in terms of inventory and technological capabilities. In such an unprecedented time, digital technologies have aided the survival of eCommerce and retail brands.

To learn more about the pandemic’s impact on the eCommerce and retail industries and to understand what the future looks like, we caught up with Dhiraj Jain, the Co-Founder, and CEO of dotkonnekt. 

dotkonnekt is a management consulting firm that enables collaborative disruption and collective enrichment for progressive retailers, innovative start-ups & smart investors. 

Dhiraj shared interesting insights on: 

  1. The transformation of the retail and eCommerce landscapes over the past year and half 
  2. How offline stores and eCommerce brands combated the various challenges posed by the pandemic
  3. The role of technology in creating delightful customer experiences both in-store and on the website
  4. Major trends and innovations to look forward to in the eCommerce space 
  5. How dotkonnekt’s digital and technology playbook will fuel innovation for retailers & brands, in the next normal
  6. How offline stores and eCommerce will coexist with each other in the new normal

Tune in to understand how global retail and eCommerce brands are innovating and leveraging the latest technologies to continue growing amidst lots of disruptions. 

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